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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Teases New Killer Ahead Of Double XP Weekend

Be ready to catch these Hands.


Gun Media and Nighthawk Interactive, the publishers behind the asymmetrical survival horror game The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, have recently teased a new Family member (the game's version of killers) to join its ever-growing roster of characters.

The news comes from a teaser posted to the official Gun Media YouTube channel. Although the video isn't that long, it starts with the character Virginia searching through a toolbox and is quickly interrupted by Hands, the newest member of the Family, the playable killers in the game. Even though this trailer doesn't show him in action, we do know that his weapon of choice will be a hammer. Gun Media is even aware of how menacing he is because, in a press release, the studio makes it a point to say, "That boy is big!"

That wasn't the only announcement that the studio made. In addition to teasing a new character, players will be able to take advantage of double XP weekend that'll take place from March 17 - 20.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has received a steady stream of content this year. In March, players not only received a new map called The Mill but also the ability to play as a new Survivor. Then, in February, Gun Media turned one of its killers into a thirst trap.

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