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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Is Adding A Horror Legend In Upcoming DLC

The game continues to invent brand-new killers for players to use.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is adding another original character to its suite of survivors--or "Victims," as they're called in-game. Virginia is the character's name, and most notably she'll feature the voice and likeness of Barbara Crampton, the prolific horror actor who has been featured in many horror movies spanning several decades, including retro hits Re-Animator and From Beyond, as well as modern favorites like You're Next and We're Still Here.

Barbara Crampton will soon arrive as the voice and likeness behind a playable character.
Barbara Crampton will soon arrive as the voice and likeness behind a playable character.

Her character will mark the second Victim-side DLC character, following the addition of Danny last year. Crampton has also previously lent her voice to video game horror in Turtle Rock's 2021 Left 4 Dead successor, Back 4 Blood, in which she portrayed one of the playable characters, Mom.

Regarding her collaboration with the studio, Gun Media's CEO Wes Keltner didn't bother tempering his excitement, saying:

It’s been such a treat to work with Barbara. I mean come on, it’s Barbara Crampton! She’s an icon in the horror industry! She’s kind, passionate about her work, and a true creative. It’s not easy to bring a character in a video game to life. The vocal performance required to make pixels feel human is difficult. Barbara barely broke a sweat. I’m looking forward to adding her character into the world of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Y’all are in for something special!

Details about the character's ability kit were not yet revealed, but players can expect Virginia to offer her own passive and active skills to unlock, as well as an ultimate ability that defines her play style. Though a release date for the Virginia DLC was not mentioned, players can expect a sooner batch of new in-game items on February 22, including free skins for killers Johnny and Sissy.

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