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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre DLC Adds A New Killer, Victim, And Map

Leatherface and his family will soon have new prey, a new helping hand, and a new playground.


Halloween may be behind us, but Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham are not done having a bloody good time just yet. The two companies have announced new downloadable content for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, with two new characters and a new map launching on November 28.

The first new character is Nancy, who is the newest member of the bloodthirsty Slaughter family. She's known as "Black" Nancy according to the game's lore, as she has been married three times and all of her husbands have turned up dead. Nancy can set barbed wire traps around the map to ensnare unsuspecting victims and leave them vulnerable to attack from other members of the family.

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Now Playing: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Nancy's House Map, Nancy, and Danny DLC Trailer

A new map, Nancy's House, will be released alongside the character. This single-story rancher has multiple obstacles strewn about the yard for hiding, but a savvy Slaughter family member will also know how to sneak up on unsuspecting victims and take them to the shed for the final blow.

The victim roster is also growing, as Danny--a man who comes to Texas looking for his missing girlfriend--will be available as well. Danny has the Study and Tamper ability, which allows him to identify potential dangers on the map and alert the entire team to their presence.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Both Nancy and Danny will be available on November 28 for $10 each, while the Nancy's House map will be available as a free update on the same day.

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