The Terminator: I'm Back Hands-On Impressions

We take on the forces of SkyNet and bring you our hands-on impressions.


In The Terminator: I'm Back, you play as Kyle Reese as he attempts to ward off attacking terminator robots and save humanity's last stronghold. This can all be accomplished by continually moving vertically and shooting everything you see. Later this month, In-Fusio will release what is shaping up to be a very conventional shooter.

That's the thing about terminators—they're so deceptively cute.
That's the thing about terminators—they're so deceptively cute.

Kyle is just one of the many commandos battling back SkyNet's minions. You'll encounter other soldiers in your fight, each of which looks exactly like you and is just as dedicated to protecting human individuality. You and your comrades can wield several weapons, including a rocket launcher, a submachine gun, and the obligatory laser gun. Coincidentally, this is the same arsenal brandished by the terminators. You can therefore claim these arms after dispatching your metallic foes as they advance toward you like daleks.

From time to time, terminators will combine forces by carpooling in light tanks. Even these won't prove terribly threatening, because the levels host ample cover from which you can periodically peek out and fire off a few rounds.

The sole feature that will somewhat differentiate this game from myriad other entries in the genre is Kyle's ability to assume the prone position in order to avoid taking enemy fire. This has no effect on Kyle's aim, however, which is always legendary.

The Terminator: I'm Back doesn't look particularly ground-breaking, but it may not have to be. The build we saw was stable, fully functional, and featured some nicely varied environments.

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