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The Super Mario Movie Ending And Post-Credits Scenes Explained

The new animated Mario film looks like the start of a movie series, but does it hold any secret teases after the credits?


It took a few decades, but we finally have our second big-screen adaptation of the Super Mario Bros franchise. And it was worth the wait--the new animated film starring Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as the titular brothers manages to be both quite charming and a feast for the eyes from the very start, and it doesn't let up until the very end of the credits.

And it's also, potentially, the start of a new movie franchise. That shouldn't come as any kind of surprise to anyone, of course, since there aren't many brands with more entertainment cultural cachet than Nintendo and Mario. But it means that The Super Mario Bros Movie isn't just telling its own story--it's also setting up potential future ones.

And in the age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that usually involves bonus scenes after or during the end credits. Does The Super Mario Bros Movie follow that trend, or is it safe to exit the theater and never look back once the credits begin?

Surprising probably no one, The Super Mario Bros Movie features both a mid-credits and a post-credits scene.

Warning: The remainder of this article will contain meaningful spoilers for The Super Mario Bros Movie.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Mid-Credits Scene Explained

While the normal Marvel trend is to deliver the serious, forward-looking tease during the credits and do something jokey at the very end of the credits, The Super Mario Bros movie does the opposite. Our mid-credits scene follows up with Bowser (Jack Black), as he delivers another rendition of his stalker-ish "Peaches" song from behind a piano.

The camera slowly pulls out during the performance until we see that, sure enough, Bowser is still suffering from the effects of the mushroom he ate during the film's climax--so he's still little, and his prison cell is a bird cage. It's pretty nice of Princess Peach to let him keep singing that song, I suppose.

But that's not all The Super Mario Bros Movie has in store after the credits roll. Stick around a few more minutes for a tease for the sequel.

The Super Mario Bros Movie After-Credits Scene Explained: What's Up With That Egg?

After Peach, Mario and Luigi managed to save our world from Bowser and his army of Koopas, Mario and Luigi apparently relocated full-time to the Mushroom Kingdom. But as we see in this scene, it's not just their family waiting for them back on Earth--a crucial future character is about to be born there as well.

In this post-credits scene, we see the camera delve back down into that mysterious sewer situation (now kinda wrecked after the battle with Bowser) that led Mario and Luigi into the universe of the Mushroom Kingdom, taking us deeper than we'd gone before. It keeps going and going and going until it finds a very familiar-looking egg--an egg that shakes like it's about to hatch, before the film cuts to black for the last time.

If you're hoping this egg is a Yoshi egg, I've got good news for you: It's a Yoshi egg! Mario's rideable companion was missing in this first Super Mario Bros Movie, but it seems like he's pretty much guaranteed to play a part in the sequel if they end up making one. What else they might want to incorporate from the Mario games is anybody's guess--there are a lot of Mario games to draw from--but at least we'll have Yoshi.

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