The Suicide Squad Runtime Revealed: "No One Ever Planned For It To Be This Long"

James Gunn reveals the runtime for the upcoming action movie.


Writer-director James Gunn has revealed the runtime for The Suicide Squad and said it ran longer than anyone thought, saying, "No one ever planned for it to be this long."

Gunn shared on Twitter that The Suicide Squad runs for 2 hours and 12 minutes. Asked if the runtime was his own plan or if it was influenced by Warner Bros., Gunn said, "I wrote, filmed, & edited the best movie I could & it ended up at this length. No one ever planned for it to be this long."

Finally, Gunn confirmed what anyone might have guessed: The Suicide Squad has multiple post-credits scenes. "I think the movie itself is what matters most, but yes," he said to a fan who asked if there would be post-credits scenes plural.

The Suicide Squad opens in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6. Warner Bros. has a lot of belief in The Suicide Squad, it seems, as the company is planning to expand the universe further with a spinoff show for John Cena's Peacemaker.

In other news, The Suicide Squad was recently given an R rating for, among other things, "graphic nudity," but we don't know yet who will be naked.

The Suicide Squad stars Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Sylvester Stallone, Idris Elba, Nathan Fillion, Viola Davis, Pete Davidson, and many more big names.

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