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The Suffering E3 2003 Preshow Report

Midway's survival horror game will cast you as a death-row inmate trying to escape a haunted prison.


Midway is working on a new survival horror game with an interesting setting called The Suffering. The game will place you in the shoes of a death-row prisoner named Torque who was next up for execution when the prison that contained him was overrun by the vengeful spirits of previously killed inmates. While most survival horror games cast you as a rookie cop with a heart of gold or a frail but determined young girl, Torque will likely serve as an interesting antihero for The Suffering.

The evil spirits of dead prisoners aren't just haunting the penitentiary where Torque is trapped; they're manifesting as the very execution methods that did them in. You'll have to contend with some living foes as well, since there will be quite a few disgruntled security guards and surly prisoners standing between you and freedom. Torque will have a variety of weapons to dispatch enemies with; more than 10 will be available, from a shiv to a Thompson submachine gun. As you fight, Torque's rage meter will fill, and after a while you'll be able to transform into your vicious alter ego and wreak havoc indiscriminately. Midway says the game will take place across nine presumably linear levels, and you'll be pitted against a dozen or so different enemy types.

Of special note is The Suffering's creature design, which was done by legendary film effects guru Stan Winston. Winston has worked on everything from Aliens to Jurassic Park to A.I., and his incredible pedigree will help to make The Suffering a game to watch. The game is scheduled to ship this fall, and we'll bring you more information as it becomes available.

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