The Stunning Batman Lego Canvas Gets Rare Price Cut At Amazon

Create Lego portraits of Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn.


If you're looking for some unique wall art, the Lego Art Jim Lee Batman Collection canvas is on sale at Amazon for just $90 (normally $120).

This special Lego set includes 4,167 pieces that you can build to create a portrait of one of three DC characters of your choosing: Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn. Each portrait is based on Batman comic book art by artist Jim Lee. The set also includes a special signature tile featuring Lee's autograph, and the completed canvas can be hung on your wall like a painting or framed photo. You can also combine multiple sets to create larger images based on other iconic Batman panels.

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The portraits are made of hundreds of tiny single-nub Lego tiles, so constructing the portrait is almost like making physical pixel art using Lego pieces. Placing that many tiles can be a long process, so each set includes an immersive two-hour-long soundtrack to stream while you construct the set.

Amazon's discount is the perfect opportunity to grab this unique Lego set. Not only are you saving $30, chances are it will be hard to find at such a low price in the future. Similar Lego canvas sets featuring Marvel heroes and Star Wars characters are now much more expensive than their initial MSRP, and it's likely this Batman set could see the same fate.

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