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Feature Article

The Story of Hello Games & No Man's Sky

How can a tiny team in southern England create a game like No Man's Sky?

Hello Games are a different type of independent developer than people are used to. They didn't start making games to rally against mainstream development, or to create something incredibly avant-garde. They left their jobs in larger studios because of a passion to make something they could be truly proud of.

Unlike most burgeoning indies, they founded Hello Games not only armed with years of experience developing and shipping games, but with a hunger to succeed so that they wouldn't have to return to making games for others. This maturity saw a relatively tiny team release their debut outing Joe Danger across multiple platforms, onto phones and into the hearts of millions.

Many people have asked - how can a team of ten developers possible ship a game with the scope of No Man's Sky? The answer lies in the passion, experience and drive of those ten individuals.

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Danny O'Dwyer

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The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky

The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky
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Mind Blowin'

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Holy crap! I don't know if this is going to be part of a new series in which new games are featured or if it was a one off because you knew the development team, but damn. I really enjoyed the this piece. Everything from the content to the style/editing of the the video. Not to mention breaking up the story in smaller sections. Great work GS, here's to more content that is produced in a similar fashion.

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First, the most pertinent question of all: where the hell are you?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> hell

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The most amazing game I ever seen !

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Just, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, release the game for PC!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Look to your right -.-

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<< LINK REMOVED >> -.- Now I feel like an idiot... but hey, GREAT NEWS (for me at least)!!!

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I think "the forest" is waaaay over-hyped.... Just Sayn'!

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What is that killer Jazz electronic-ish song toward the begging? Gata know.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The track is Debutante by 65daysofstatic, available on the album We Were Exploding Anyway, which is available from << LINK REMOVED >>.

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I'd like to know why they can drop the f bomb in the videos but we can't in the comments.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> And many other "bombs" :), some of which are not even bombs at all.

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No man's sky is going to blow up my mind.

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Thank you Gamespot for that, awesome.

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drysprocket guys should really consider making documentaries. It's obvious you have the passion for it. Really-really well directed and edited.

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Great article (NOT sarcasm).

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Impressive article. (sarcasm)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You DO realise that the article is actually the video at the top of the page and not just the three paragraphs, yes?

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This game better come to PC.

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PS4 game insane

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I wonder how generic the planets and stuff will be, when they say it will basically be an infinite universe. There's no such thing as infinite memory in tech. So how will they do it? do the early planets you visit get erased after you have discovered a certain amount?

Dont get me wrong, im really looking forward to this 'game', It just sounds too good to be true.. :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Actually, the memory of the computer will more than likely be used to

store data such as (Graphics, Textures, Planetary Positions, Audio/Video and Equations).

The galaxy of No Man's Sky should not be commited entirely to memory, but rather

generated by mathematical calculations. Consider a sphere for instance? Instead of

making the sphere and holding it in memory, you could simply store the equation

for the construction of the sphere. That way, you could make thousands of spheres

with one simple equation, and augment each of it's properties (Size, color, etc)

as you see fit. If this is applied to a Galaxy, one could reliably design

all of the matter and bodies inside this Galaxy, with one or more mother

equations. And since mathematical expressions produce the same result, the

entire Universe will be also be produced in the same manner. Minor changes

to the equations will be all that is necessary in order to make big changes.


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<< LINK REMOVED >> well, the point is you probably don't need an infinite universe at all. we're very close to the point where machines can hold way more information than our tiny human brains can discern and categorize. again, that's setting the bar pretty high, and no matter how good a job the guys at Hello World do, there IS going to be some degree of repetition in the final game, and the question is how that is going to affect the experience...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The devs said that there were a set number of meshes, but that the engine can sort of alter sliders on them. Kind of like when you create a character in TES or Fallout or The Sims.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Position based seed for planet re-generation and instanced content being unloaded from servers if no one is in the area sounds pretty possible. Only thing they need to save permanently is who discovered what ?

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, although it is actually the player's location and orientation in spacetime that determines what their PS4 generates for them to gawp at, as relativity means that time moves more slowly for those that are in rapid spaceflight compared to those on the ground, meaning that even if two friends elected to meet up at a planet one of them had discovered they could not meet up as the friend arriving from space would turn up in the other's past - both space and time have to be taken into account as these planets hold life which goes through different patterns of behaviour through time, e.g. deer are coming to the watering hole to drink at a certain time of the day every day, yet that may encourage predators to turn up there too as they know where there prey will be, but No Man's Sky will probably have seasons affecting flora and fauna with the latter adapting to a change in the weather with thicker winter pelts and in some cases hibernation. Hopefully, Gamespot will interview Hazel McKendrick on her work on No Man's Sky's ecosystems later this week.

Given that a player can affect / be affected by stuff wherever they go there is reason to conclude that each planet is generated to be the correct age at the time of your visit, nothing you did to impact it in the past need necessarily be recorded as the costs of doing this even galaxy wide for a great players would be prohibitive as well as creating a data-shuttling problem as everyone neared the centre of the galaxy and put the state of shared worlds in immediate flux. So, a pragmatic design would let you shoot a bird, fly away, come back and not notice that the same bird was back as all birds look the same.

Nothing about it is randomly generated. There is no such thing on computers unless you are dealing with non-deterministic random number generators that are based on hardware (temperature, magnetism, cosmic ray, clock, quantum fluctuations), or something that can't be predicted like Lada Gaga's Twitter. It may well be that terrain is created using pseudo-random numbers like Perlin or Simplex noise, but as they give the same results each time they are better classed as procedures - that is, complex functions that may involve a mutable state. Procedural generation made it possible to store eight galaxies into 22KB in the space adventure Elite, which was based on the psuedo-random pattern found in the digits of the Fibonacci sequence.

It is known that No Man's Sky tracks who discovered what, but there could be a cap on the number of planets each player can have to their name rather than risk running out of storage. There may well be a cooloff on resource gathering, so the cubes highlighted in the cave "grow back" after you've been away from that location for a time as in this way you don't have to permanently record all the sites you have ever depleted the resources of forever.

It is however, very likely that your relationships with sentient alien races will be tracked so that coming to the aid of one will implicitly make you an enemy of its rival - even if you have yet to encounter that species. A complex web of shifting territories and diplomatic truces collapsing into war, perhaps due to your pivotal involvement, should be enough to sustain the future of the game. Sean Murray isn't confirming much of this guessed-at depth because he is of the opinion that modern games give too much away and he wants to foster a sense of mystery, discovery, and awe. No Man's Sky is an exploration game, but one with consequences - not just Proteus in space.

It is technically possible to have a procedurally generated game remember all the recent changes you made to it so those systems stay affected that way so you can see what damage you wrought on your return. Far Cry 2 let you shoot the branches off trees, but over time these branches would grow back to full health at which point the game would no longer need to keep the "Delta" that tracked the divergence from its procedurally generated values. This can also be handled dynamically, with a game going as far as recording bullet holes (so you could write your name in a wall with gunfire for posterity), only to reuse all that storage for something more important (you had rescued the monster from the ravenous princess), if you found yourself to be in a bit of a pinch storage space-wise. Obviously, forgetting all the stuff you have likely forgotten about yourself and progressively healing things back, redecorating over bullet holes, furnishing castles with new prisoners (which could be different than before as you also have a time factor to consider), and letting destabilised ecosystems revert back to some kind of equilibrium is all relatively easy compared to 200+ programmers and artists being herded like cats to create every tiny detail in Assassin's Creed Unity from scratch entirely by hand.

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@viewman Think about it, all planets in Mass Effect were designed individually, and apart from the campaign systems, they are all extremely generic.

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Since all planets are generated ramdomly, I'm sure there are a bunch of variables that will be randomly generated to define each ecosystem rather than "infinite" number of meshes created per planet. Nvidia has a tech demo showing how they create complex procedual terrain using the GPU with no pre modeled meshes. (GPU Gems 3 - Chapter 1)

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I have been looking at procedurally generated games lately. The old ones like Elite, and the new upcoming games like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous, especially comes to mind. I believe No Man's Sky will be a different experience than those games, and it might be for the better actually. The i<< LINK REMOVED >> thing about NMS for me though is the exploration part. If I get to see completely different things each time I play, well that would be like gameing heaven.

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I'm really rooting for these guys, they seem to be nice people. I hope they can pull off a game like that, where you can travel across planets with no loading times. It would be groundbreaking.

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My heroes.

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Anyone else see the irony at Danny releasing a video titled 'Is Marketing Killing the Wonder' and then a few days later we're promised video about "...The gameplay, details about No Mans Sky, details about moment to moment play, your role within the universe, the tools at your disposal and the possibility of playing with others".

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<< LINK REMOVED >> what? you never seen a hypocrite before?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm pretty sure he mentioned that in the The Point video as well.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, 'Is Marketing Killing the Wonder' is the title of that Point episode.

Games like GTA, Watch Dogs etc. are so full of what you'd expect them to be, that frankly there's not that much wonder to spoil. This is one of the few games I'd like to buy and play and discover by myself.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I can't explain why but this interview is pretty amazing. I'm so hooked on this game right now, and I totally relate to sean murray and the rest of the team's effort. You guys honestly brought out the best of the game and the team, thank you. Awesome job.

Also the tracklist is pretty captivating, especially the post-rockish song that starts at 8:27, at the flood bit. Can you please tell me its name? I really want to the get to know the band!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> meh, i was excited for it until they announced it as an exclusive...

Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Because you dont have a PS4 or because your a xb0t?

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Its not an exclusive. It'll be on PC and PS4

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It'll be a timed exclusive for PS4 with other releases down the road. Hello Games have chosen their words very carefully to say it will launch exclusively for the PS4. The window is open to release for other systems from what I've seen and read.

Plus honestly they're a a team of 10. It's probably best they focus on one system at a time. They're ambitious enough as it is to try to pull this off on a single system.

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oh - i hope this is good...please let this be good.... because this gives me hope in the games industry that's being cluttered with recycled titles that need 200 people in a team for big corps like EA.