The Sting! coming this month

JoWooD's burglary simulation game will let players try to pull off the crime of the century.


The Sting!

JoWooD Productions has announced that it will release The Sting!, its upcoming burglary simulation game, later this month. In the game, players will play as Matt Tucker, a small-time thief who finds himself on the streets of Fortune Hills, a town full of criminal opportunities. In order to rise through the ranks of the underworld, Tucker must commit a series of difficult crimes, culminating in the crime of the century.

The game will include more than 60 characters, 50 getaway vehicles, and 90 buildings within a lively town, complete with traffic and pedestrians. It features cartoon-style graphics and an isometric view. Some of the burglaries require the player to overcome challenging security systems such as alarms, closed-circuit television cameras, motion sensors, and more.

The Sting! is scheduled for release on June 30. For more information, visit the official JoWooD Productions Web site.

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