The Star and the Crescent now battling worldwide

Arab-Israeli military strategy game re-creates Yom Kippur War of 1973, as well as past and hypothetical future religious conflicts.


The Star and the Crescent

Wargamers tired of endless World War II and Vietnam flashbacks can now order ProSim's latest modern warfare sim for the PC, The Star and the Crescent, directly from publisher Sharpnel Games' online store.

Using an enhanced version of the ATF: Armored Task Force engine, The Star and the Crescent covers a number of historical Arab-Israeli conflicts, along with a pair of hypothetical scenarios from the near future. The real-time gameplay puts players in topographically accurate battlefields in 15 different scenarios (some of which let players control either the Israeli or Arab forces), and the game also includes a create-a-scenario tool.

The game's focus is on the Yom Kippur War of 1973, in which the heavily outnumbered Israeli Defense Force withstood a coordinated surprise attack from Syria and Egypt. The war lasted barely more than two weeks and drew in the United States and Soviet Union on opposite sides of the conflict before the United Nations Security Council put a stop to the hostilities.

The Star and the Crescent retails for $44.95. Interested gamers can download a demo directly from GameSpot.

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