The Stanley Parable Creator Announces New Game

The Beginner's Guide will launch for PC and Mac on October 1.


The Beginner's Guide
The Stanley Parable

Davey Wreden, creator of acclaimed indie game The Stanley Parable, has announced a new first-person narrative game titled The Beginner's Guide. It is described as a game with "no traditional mechanics, no goals or objectives. Instead, it tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand."

Wreden has launched a teaser website for the game, which will be released on October 1 for PC and Mac for $10. For the first week after release it will be discounted by 20 percent.

Wreden's previous game The Stanley Parable was first released in 2011 as a mod built using the Source engine. It was re-released as a standalone game in 2013, and was met with very positive reception in GameSpot's review. It scored a nine out of ten, with reviewer Carolyn Petit praising the game's witty writing and ability to respond to the player's choices. The Stanley Parable has since expanded it's influence to other games, with a narrator announcer pack also available to purchase for Valve's Dota 2.

Check out some screenshots from the game below.

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Stanley Parable is easily one of my favorite games. Looking forward to playing this new game.

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10 bucks? I'm in. Stanley Parable was brilliant.

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Ah, so the time has come. The Stanley Parable was a favorite of a late friend of mine. I guess it's time to pay respect.

Avatar image for MugenTheKing

I'm glad he's moving on to other stuff. The guys blog made it sound like he was dealing with some heavy depression post-Stanley Parable.

Avatar image for elheber

@MugenTheKing: Maybe this game is for us to discover he's depressed. If anyone can find his suicide note in time, he won't kill himself.

This man is brilliant.

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Oh wow. TSP was a cult classic. In that I remember all the amazing hype around it, so I bought the game just on that only to find it to be one of the cheesiest, cliche and generic games I had ever played. I can remember playing while in a stupor going, "Am I being had? ... was not this game touted my tons of reviewers as being critically acclaimed? Did I download the wrong game?!". But no, that was it. I got duped. You won this round Davey, but never again!

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@aegis_kleais: You're going to need to give examples of cheesy, cliche and generic otherwise you're just coming off as Joe Cool contrarian.

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@aegis_kleais cliched and generic, are you serious?:

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@renegade--: I liked that myself (in spite of it's flaws), and I understand someone not liking Stanley, but as ggregd said, calling it cliched and generic is just wrong.

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$10 is the right price for a walking simulator. And since it's from the Stanley Parable guy, it might be entertaining too.

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Good. Stanley Parable is probably the only creative good game I've played in the past 2 years.

This time don't put in troll achievements though where you have to cheat to get 2 of them.

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This looks cool. This dude's creativity astounds me!

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@nyxeia: Try Mind: Path To Thalamus if you're into these kinds of games.

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I'll bite. I very much loved The Stanley Parable.

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Cool. This guy is one of the most creative dudes in gaming. And funny. Rare to laugh as hard at a game as I laughed at the Stanley Parable (and its demo). In a gaming landscape where so much is depressing, that's such a nice change.

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I enjoyed The Stanley Parable so much. I'm really looking forward to this.

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Perfect. I'll bite.