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The Soul Of The Justice League Overcomes His Greatest Weakness In Martian Manhunter 12

He knows who he is. Do you?


It's been quite a journey for J'onn J'onzz as creative team Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo have taken him out for a spin on his own in Martian Manhunter, the 12-issue limited series focusing not only on his life as a hero on Earth but his past as a cop on Mars. And now, the story is coming to an emotional conclusion with the final issue, titled Champion and Chief, which hits shelves tomorrow. Take a look at the first three pages of the story before its release here, exclusively on GameSpot.

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Named one of GameSpot's favorite comics of 2019, Martian Manhunter has taken a nitty-gritty approach to J'onn's history while simultaneously unraveling the mysteries of Mars in the DCU. Once a thriving, technologically advanced planet, the downfall of Martian civilization has long since been a major and accepted part of J'onn's backstory, with his involvement in the Justice League picking up with his survival as the last of his kind, a refugee not unlike Superman. He spent his early days hiding in plain sight thanks to his shape-shifting abilities. Over the years since his debut in 1955, J'onn's backstory has been fleshed out and changed, introducing new Martian lore to the DC mythos--but it wasn't until this particular series that we were able to get a real sense of just where he fits into the bigger picture back on his home world.

And for those of you who haven't been playing along from the beginning, spoiler alert: It wasn't always the most heroic, or the most clean. Through 12 issues, J'onn has rallied against his personal history as a corrupt Martian cop, wrestling with his demons--some physical, some mental--for it all to come down to this. His final confrontation, not just with his enemy Charnn, but with his greatest weakness: Fire. Unsurprisingly, the results aren't exactly pretty, but they'll hopefully prove why J'onn J'onzz has stood the test of time as one of DC's greatest unsung heroes.

The story concludes with Martian Manhunter #12, on sale tomorrow everywhere comics are sold.

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