The Sims: Vacation goes gold

The fourth expansion pack for EA's popular virtual-life game is complete and will soon ship to stores.


Electronic Arts has announced that The Sims: Vacation has gone gold and will soon be available in stores. The expansion pack adds a number of new features to EA's best-selling virtual-life game The Sims. Players will be able to take their sims on a trip to three different locations--a snowy alpine area, a beach resort, and a forest campground--and watch them participate in a number of new activities, such as beach volleyball, snowboarding, fishing, and hunting for hidden treasure. In addition, the new expansion features new characters and social interactions and more than 125 new objects.

The Sims: Vacation is the fourth expansion pack in EA's virtual-life series. It was developed by Maxis, the studio that created the original game and the previous expansion packs, and it will ship to stores on March 26. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the expansion.

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