The Sims turns 10, tops 125 million units

Electronic Arts celebrates aluminum anniversary of virtual life game by touting sales figures; franchise revenues total $2.5 billion.


It has been 10 years to the day since The Sims originally arrived on PCs, where it met both critical acclaim and commercial success. Electronic Arts marked the occasion by dropping a fresh batch of statistics for perspective on just how successful the life sim series has been.

The Sims 3 merges PC gaming with the undeniable universal appeal of watching old men fish.
The Sims 3 merges PC gaming with the undeniable universal appeal of watching old men fish.

Between the three major installments of The Sims, and their numerous expansions, add-ons, and spin-offs, the publisher said its flagship franchise has brought in more than $2.5 billion in revenues, with more than 125 million copies sold to date. The series passed its last major milestone, the 100-million mark, less than two years ago.

There aren't many reasons to think The Sims' sales pace is going to drop off anytime soon. Its enduring popularity was evidenced by last June's debut of The Sims 3 on the PC, which sold 3.7 million units in its first month and topped 4.5 million copies sold as of last month. Also in January, EA declared it the top-selling PC game of 2009 at global retailers.

The publisher has also seen substantial success with The Sims 3 Exchange, an online store populated by content created by users. According to EA, nearly 110 million pieces of content have been downloaded through the Exchange since the game launched in June.

The Sims 3 received its first expansion in November 2009 in the form of the well-received World Adventures. A second add-on, The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff, was released this week. As part of its downward earnings revision last month, the publisher also said that new entries in the Sims franchise would appear on unspecified consoles during its 2011 fiscal year, which runs April 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011.

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i like this game and i want to download this but i dont know why not download and work in my pc

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I don't like this game...

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This game never become lame for all kind of players

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I played this game yesterday, I think I'm addicted again.

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brendanhunt1 me too miss the first one i don't but there is something about the first game that make it more fun

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@Dan21278 Me too, it would be very nice if "The Sims" released for PS3 & "Heavy Rain" was also released for the PCs, awww.... I really hate F###IN "exclusivity" from SCEA(SONY). :( Before this happen Quantic Dream as Developer was always make games for the PCs. :(

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That's a lot of units. Ha, "unit" :P

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i still miss the first one

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Rocky your so right..Its sad what they did to will..Its no wonder he left ea..Most of his games have gone..Maxis his old company..Is no longer allowed to make great fun game..What Ea did to spore is a joke..Hopefully the doctors wont get sick of them an let it happen to bioware..If Ea is smart they will leave them alone..My favorite game company other than bethestha..Ea let Maxis creat games again..Dont let them make another SimSociety crap game..

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Someone pleeease give Will Wright some credit for this.

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Yeah I had some fun playing the sims. I wish they make one for 360 or ps3. The guys who first came up with this brilliant. Happy tenth birthday hopefully many more to come.

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i used to play this all the time on my ps2. good times

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good they gonna bring it on to consoles

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Happy 10th Birthday Sims.