The Sims: Superstar details

EA releases new details on the next expansion pack for The Sims. New screens inside.


The Sims

Electronic Arts has released new details on The Sims: Superstar, the upcoming expansion pack for The Sims. In The Sims: Superstar, players guide their characters through the entertainment industry, working their way up until they reach the heights of fame as a rock star, a movie star, or a supermodel. Sims begin the game by signing with a talent agency in the fictional Studio Town area, which is a makeshift Hollywood.

New social interactions, a fame attribute, and special studio objects are included in the expansion pack. The studio objects include karaoke machines, an open mic stage, a film set, and a fashion runway. Studio Town also features special areas for sims to relax, like an oxygen bar, a smoothie stand, the star trailer, and the mud bath, which is featured in today's new screenshots. New characters in The Sims: Superstar include a photographer, a director, a choreographer, and a fashion designer, all of whom need to be impressed for the player to rise in the ranks of stardom. As fame increases, would-be superstars will also be harassed by the paparazzo and the obsessed fan.

With more than 150 new items, new skins, and new decorative walls and tilesets, The Sims: Superstar will add even more variety to the gameplay in The Sims universe. For more information on The Sims: Superstar, which is scheduled to ship in May, check out our previous coverage .

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