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The Sims Movie Moving Forward At Amazon MGM Apparently

The long-in-development Sims movie now has a studio in the form of Amazon MGM, with Margot Robbie set to produce.


The Sims movie has been in development hell for years, but it seems like production may finally begin soon. Amazon MGM is officially making the film with the production company LuckyChap Entertainment, and with Barbie's Margot Robbie producing and Loki director Kate Herron set to direct.

We first got word that the long-rumored The Sims movie was back from the dead earlier this year, when LuckyChap Entertainment--run by Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Sophia Kerr, and Josie McNamara--announced that it was working on the project. Per Puck, the film's stakeholders went with Amazon MGM in the bidding war--though Netflix reportedly offered a larger bid, the producers prefer a theatrical release before the film goes to streaming.

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Given the life simulation nature of The Sims, it's unclear how exactly the film will adapt the property. Fans have speculated that the plot could revolve around the Goth family--pre-made Sims who have appeared in nearly every entry in the series--and particularly the mysterious disappearance of Bella Goth, which is still debated today by series fans.

Like many large video game properties, production companies have been threatening to make a live-action The Sims movie for quite a while now. Initial reports to that effect first surfaced all the way back in 2007. With the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, it seems like projects like this are more likely to be greenlit.

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