The Sims: Makin' Magic goes gold

The last expansion to EA's popular game is prepped for a late October release date.


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Ever wonder what's going to happen when Harry Potter grows up, gets married, and moves to the suburbs? PC gamers will soon get a pretty good idea now that The Sims: Makin' Magic, the new expansion pack for the best-selling The Sims series, has gone gold.

Makin' Magic will bestow Sims players' virtual families with Potter-like magical powers, allowing them to clean house with a few waves of the wand, transform nosey neighbors into toads, and literally put a spell on prospective mates.

However, Makin' Magic's witchcraft and wizardry will also have a dark side, presenting a variety of serious consequences for curse-crazy sims. Also new is Magic Town, a carnival where Sims can earn rewards for performing tricks or battling each other with their newfound magic arsenal. The pack also features nearly 200 enchanted items and a cast of oddball magic-users, both good and evil.

Coming just six months after The Sims: Superstar, which let players turn their virtual families into showbiz dynasties, Makin' Magic is the final addition to Maxis and Electronic Arts' multimillion-selling franchise. Maxis is making it known that The Sims 2, the next generation of virtual domesticity, is due next February for PC gamers.

Makin' Magic's scheduled release date is October 28, with an MSRP of $29.95 (wand not included).

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