The Sims: Hot Date exclusive

Maxis sends us a new group of exclusive screenshots from its upcoming add-on to EA's popular virtual-life game, The Sims.


Maxis, the developer that created EA's popular virtual-life game The Sims, sent us some exclusive screenshots from the next expansion pack for the game, The Sims: Hot Date. The new screenshots show off some of the different downtown areas that will be featured in the add-on, including shops, the beach, and a diner.

The Sims: Hot Date will be the third add-on for The Sims, and it will let players take their sims on dates with other sims. The expansion pack adds a new downtown area where sims can meet and enjoy a variety of activities, such as dining, shopping, dancing, and going to the beach. In addition, Hot Date will feature new greeting options such as air kisses and new brags such as boasting and flexing muscles.

The Sims: Hot Date is scheduled for release in November. For more information, take a look at our in-depth preview of the expansion.

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