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The Sims 5 Has Started Playtesting, More Shared In New Video

Officially titled Project Rene, the upcoming game's playtest focused on furniture customization.


Project Rene, which may end up being called The Sims 5, has started some small playtests. A new video series, Behind The Sims, will continue to show off upcoming features in the Sims franchise. This video discusses Project Rene, as well as several new features coming to The Sims 4 and the franchise's mobile titles.

In the video, Sims Team member Mersea interviewed Project Rene's game director Grant Rodiek. He describes the playtests as "just the start of an incredibly long journey." This playtest, like several upcoming ones will, shared small parts of the game with small amounts of people.

This particular playtest focused on furniture customization and buy mode. It explored features like copying styles from item to item, changing the material, pattern, or size of items, and rotating an entire rooms furniture all at once. This content was tested on both PC and mobile. Creations made on mobile will be downloadable and usable on PC and vise versa.

The interview also elaborated on The Sims 5's multiplayer features. The marketing still emphasizes that players can expect a fully featured single-player Sims experience. Rodiek also stated The Sims 5 is also not an MMO, but that players can invite other people to play with them.

As for The Sims 4, infants will finally be arriving in the game on March 14. The trailer showed a wide variety of new interactions sims can have with their children and new cute-themed traits. Sims can even sit down with their child or give their baby (temporarily) to another Sim. The video also teased a new expansion, featuring a new family The Michaelsons. More information will drop on February 2.

In the Sims Mobile, players can receive a free Disco Plumbob by logging in. The game will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a Treasure Hunt where players can pick up anniversary themed items. The upcoming Sims Festival will bring items inspired by Korean fashion and architecture.

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