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The Sims 4's Latest Kits Are All About Greenhouses And Basements

Now you can relate to your Sim by giving them a basement full of useless junk.


EA and Maxis have announced a couple of new kits for The Sims 4, one all about greenhouses, the other about basement trinkets.

The Greenhouse Haven Kit offers up an opportunity for you to craft greenhouse spaces, being described as a kit that "has something for every Sim with or without a green thumb in this new, dedicated gardening space." You'll be able to design greenhouses with "beautiful pane windows and doors that fit together seamlessly," and can make it a calm relaxing space, or a cluttered plant-filled area with a number of new gardening objects like stacks of pots, a planting table, hanging flower basket, and more.

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For those that want to recreate their messy basement that's full of stuff you promise you'll organise eventually and things that make you say "Oh, hey, I remember this," like milk crates filled with vinyl records, old trophies and family photos, worn trunks, and more. Eagled-eyed Sims fans might notice a particular bed that's resting up against a wall image, notably known as the heart-shaped bed from the original Sims, the first bed you could get that would let Sims engage in "play." Love isn't dead; it's just in the basement.

The Sims 4's Basement Treasures.
The Sims 4's Basement Treasures.

Last month, The Sims 4 introduced a new update that introduced an infant life stage into the game, something fans have been wanting for a number of years, alongside an expansion that fleshed out what Sims can do with their children.

Both kits will be available from April 20 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Mac.

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