The Sims 4 Now Free On EA Origin For A Limited Time

Sims for a song.

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The Sims 4 has quietly been one of EA's longest-lasting games, putting out regular updates since its launch in 2014. Now the company has made it free through its Origin storefront, but only for a limited time.

You can pick up the game now through Origin, but only for a week. Clicking on the purchase link will forward you to an offer to subscribe to Origin Basic or Premiere, but just under those options is a third that allows you to grab the game without subscribing to either service. If you do have a Basic subscription, though, you can get the Digital Deluxe edition with some extra goodies.

The Sims 4 has gotten a ton of updates over its long lifespan, from fun cosmetic crossovers like it did with Final Fantasy XV, to a first-person camera mode, to expansions and updates focusing on diverse topics like pets, seasons, parenthood, and even a spooky mystery. Those regular updates have helped give it more longevity, matching and exceeding its predecessors that had a similar wealth of content.

You can grab The Sims 4 for free through May 28.

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I've played Sims 4 for a bit over 2 years straight now. Fun game and easy to go back to and play whenever you got some time for it. Keep in mind this base game here is pretty bare and is a lot better with the DLCs.

Also there's just countless amounts of free cosmetic mods for the game that you need and are often better than anything EA has made.

MC Command Center is customization/cheat etc tool, its essential and you shouldn't play Sims 4 without it. Lets you change so many things with the game, takes a while to learn how to use it fully, but its all accessed through menus so there are no commands to memorize, just gotta mess around till you find out where everything is. It gives you a lot of control of the game that you wouldn't have otherwise.

So if you use MC Command Center, you get slightly different functions by bringing it up in 3 different ways. Clicking on a mailbox brings up unique MCCC options, as well clicking on an ingame computer brings up more unique MCCC options, lastly clicking on a character brings up certain MCCC options as well. So many I couldn't even list them all, it would take 20 pages to list and explain what they all do. You can even disable certain autonomous actions you don't like, lets say a Sim was doing a stupid task over and over, you enable autonomy scan, find the task by clicking on the object that the sim is interacting with, and blacklist it. I had stupid sims constantly mopping up rain puddles, disabled that autonomous action and it kept them from doing that.

Only thing i think people like to complain about is the color wheel in CAS isn't in Sims 4, and the open world was removed due to the technical problems it had in Sims 3 with performance they claim which i question this answer since Sims 3 came out so long ago, you would think a newer engine could have been made to support an open world in Sims 4.

However, i'm not saying Sims 4 runs great, some gameplay lots are a real fps chug as you make them more complex with more detail can bottleneck the limited cpu threads this game uses. I made a big apartment style building, and it has terrible fps drops at certain points in the day, as low as 15 fps at times, while on other less complex building lots my fps are often over 60-80fps.

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thanks for the heads up

Avatar image for Andham1

I can't see to buy it, it is only letting me gift it.

Avatar image for lion2447

@Andham1: Try

The landing page should have a blue button that says "Get it Free."

The next page will have an orange button that says "Get it Free" then the orange button again. It will ask you to log into your account at that point.

Avatar image for Andham1

@lion2447: I was able to get it now.

I did what you said to do before my original post, and just now; different results. I am guessing I was trying to redeem it to soon, or there was too many people trying to redeem it at the same time.

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Do you get to keep it? Or is it one of those Play for a week then buy it?

Avatar image for lion2447

@Ice-Cube: I've added to my library and there are no timers or count downs. Polygon has an article about it and they say that it is not a trial. Once added to your library it will remain.

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I'm a Sims 2 player. You want me to play The Sims 4? This is how you do it.