The Sims 4 launching in 2014

Electronic Arts reveals next entry in series coming to PC and Mac next year.


Electronic Arts today announced The Sims 4, coming to PC and Mac in 2014. Series creator and EA subsidiary Maxis is developing the game.

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No further details about The Sims 4 were divulged, though EA said additional information about the game will be revealed later today. The simulation game series has sold over 150 million units life-to-date.

The Sims 4 is a follow-up to 2009's The Sims 3. That game originally launched for PC and Mac before later coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and DS. It is not clear if The Sims 4 will remain exclusive to PC and Mac.

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Avatar image for hassanem

Game developers are really strange people i think. Some games we never want to be online, but they just make them online. and games like this, at least we should be able to go online using some popular Social Networking account and interact with our buddies in a different way. maybe Facebook, maybe twitter, maybe EA just force to use The Sims account, all is ok.

Avatar image for Devryn000

Hmmm Im pretty hopeful for the sims four but i wont be sure until they release more information on the game

Avatar image for sohail5566

I just hope they don't add too many expansions pack for sims 4

Avatar image for fumblepants

I think they should call it: The Sims 4: No Exceptions Raised.

Avatar image for IndiePrower

Ladies and gentlement. We are going to launch The Sims 4 by excluding weathers, pets, and vacation elements even though we already have the technology to do so. Those will be reserved for future expansions.

Avatar image for kazama99

@IndiePrower NO kidding, because each expansion now is 39.99!!!!!!!! >:(

Avatar image for delonjnaidu

@IndiePrower seems like a base game element, but vacation and pets should rightfully be saved for Ep's. They do need to make money after all to expand and make the better games we enjoy. The Sims 4 base should however include ALL Sims 3 Generations and Sims 3 Seasons content- as well as the self-employed feature that came with Ambitions.

Avatar image for kazama99

@delonjnaidu @IndiePrower well fine, make the xpansion packs like 20dollars max if they are going to poop out like 7 or so xpansions to add content. NOT $40!

Avatar image for HiddenSanctum

@kazama99 @delonjnaidu @IndiePrower

They should have a season pass option XD

Avatar image for aftermathsample

@IndiePrower lol all they see is $$$$$$$$$

Avatar image for colorhorizon

I really loved this franchise, and I miss the fun times I had with it. I played it since the original and the fun experiences kept me spending hours on this game. Then Sims 3 happened. Just too many bugs (crashes, corrupt save games, etc.) that make my hours of playing go to waste -- I eventually tired out. I really want to go back to the game, but I get reminded of the bugs, and I remember it's not worth playing it. There are so many bugs and the kind of advice I find on the web is "don't do this, don't do that." Come on, am I playing minesweeper? Why do I have to be so careful when playing a game meant to be relaxing and enjoyable?

I hope EA finally realizes that if they are going to add expansions and stuff packs, they got to make them compatible with the base game and not create additional bugs.

I'll be disappointed if they follow the same strategy of making a base game stripped of all features, then adding the popular (but essential) expansions like seasons, university, pets, etc. bimonthly. But to be honest I know I'll still play it if the game is stable and streamlined (like Frostbite engine).

If they come up with some broken crap again then I'll take it that they're done milking this franchise and can't bother to come up with new ideas, and that will be goodbye for me.

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

@colorhorizon I sympathize, but I purchased Sims 3 on day one and the only issue I ever had was my laptop shutting itself off due to overheating because of bad ventilation.

That said, I guarantee I'm avoiding this game. For Sims 1, expansions were fine. Sims 2, I skipped (therefore, didn't have to deal with it). Then, when they began releasing expansions for Sims 3 (which looked like polished versions of 1's expansions and videos of what I'd seen for 2's expansions), I laughed.

EA's all about lining their pockets, to the point that their selfish ways just cost then 10% of their employees.

Avatar image for Shrimpen91

I waited too damn long for this! Finally some answers!

Avatar image for rvrevrevr

Maybe Sims 4 won't crash all the time. Maybe.

Avatar image for IcarusSilverkin

EA the gift that keeps on giving (he says sarcastically)

Avatar image for bloody-hell

Sims 3 has been milked to death, now they'll start from scratch with Sims 4, just to repeat all the addons all over again (pets, seasons, business, university, ...).

Better wait 3 to 5 years until they're done with all the addons and offer them in a -75% sale in a complete pack, but even then it'll still be overpriced.

I wonder if they'll "offload some amount of loading times to their servers" to justify a always-online DRM that corrupts your saves or if Maxis learnt their lesson with SimCity and make it playable offline and vastly improve the 5+ minutes loading times of Sims 3.

Avatar image for suhinho

@bloody-hell 3-5 years lol by then sims 5 will be out and your comment will repeat best to wait til ea shuts doors then buy the latest sims iteration

Avatar image for EvilTyger

I just want to see an 'everything included' Sims 2 (and Sim 3 when Sims 4 comes out).

I still use the original Sims 'everything' disc. A lot easier to install on new systems.

Avatar image for SoulxReaperx366

I'll admit, I'm really sick of EA pulling all the crap they've been, but I've been a devoted sims lover since the original. But this is it, if they overprice Sims 4, or do a half ass job on it, then I'm done for good. I'd like to see cinematics return, as well as a much better magic system, like in Makin' Magic. STOP WITH THE STUFF PACKS AND JUST INCLUDE THEM!!!!! Don't ignore bugs in the game for years like you've been doing with Sims 3, bring back restaurants, like in Sims 2, and allow travel to a metropolis, you shouldn't have to choose whether to only have suburb or metropolis. Please improve pets if you're going to add them. But the most important is cinematics, the Sims 3 always feels rather bland and emotionless because the sims' actions are so simple and boring. Do all of that EA, and I guarantee you will get ALL of your fans back as well as new ones. Don't **** over your customers, you're on extremely thin ice since the whole Simcity disaster, disappoint us again, and you may as well say goodbye to the whole company.

Avatar image for Mingdoni

@SoulxReaperx366 Not only simcity, BF, MoH......alllll crap!!!

Avatar image for Blackmon

I haven't fully jumped ship to Sims 3. The best expansion pack for Sims 2 imo was "Open for Business". I was waiting for them to release it for Sims 3. I guess that's never going to happen. So no Sims 3 for me.

Avatar image for chrisrooR

F*ck you EA. You've f*cked gamers over for long enough.

Avatar image for banana23man

@chrisrooR Apparently it's not long enough since people are still dumb enough to buy their games

Avatar image for Mackan52

@banana23man @chrisrooR Yes forget about the games that took steps into the unknown like the Sims, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Spore and Mirrors Edge, lets be cool and hate EA for the sake of it.

Avatar image for banana23man

@Mackan52 @banana23man @chrisrooR No, i did not forget but please also look at the sequels of those games. DAO is perhaps my fav. western RPG ever and that's why it's unbelievably stupid the way that DA2 went.

Avatar image for FriendBear

The Sims 3 is still extremely broken, save game corruption and numerous crashes are still a common problem. The entire series hasn't worked properly for most people since the original came out, I'm not holding out any hope that Sims 4 will be any different.

Avatar image for IgorSteinberg

I hope that maybe something in EA will change, and that The Sims 4 will get less expantion packs and no stuff packs. I mean, I know nobody forces us to buy these stuff, but EA makes so many of them it just looks ridiculous. Not to mention that the stuff packs don't add anything you don't have already (just other variations of the same object), and some expantion packs are just ridiculous and useless (Supernatural or Showtime). I also hope that the next game will be less childish and "girly".

Avatar image for Devryn000

@IgorSteinberg Supernatural was fun it added an aspect of fantasy to the game but i do agree about showtime

Avatar image for 9Dguy

I messed around in Sims 2 a bit but I didn't REALLY start the series until 3.
Personally I get a kick out of making sims and houses but I don't play the game itself much.
I'm content with a new game with more details and more stuff but they should really start building expansions into the base game. They've had their fun, time to take some initiative.
If they don't start giving us the DLC's more and more people will just stop buying the game s all together or even worse, torrenting them.

Avatar image for Devryn000

@9Dguy I'm not understanding why you are so angry about expansions there are 5 great advantages to the expansions

1. With expansions the Sims doesnt have to take up most the space on you computer

2. you can decide which expansion details you want to be a part of the game

3. If you had to buy it with all the expansions already thats at least a 200 dollar game with expansions at least you dont pay it all at once

4. Expansions allow them to better the tech for some expansions before they are released

5. You can get back into the game when new content is released

I think people just need to relax Sims isnt exactly Doing a horrible job

Avatar image for 9Dguy

@Devryn000 @9Dguy Ah but you missed the point entirely.
Look around at the other comments, THEY were the ones demanding all expansions come with the game but they also had some good points.

Some expansions like Pets, Seasons, and Late Night really should just be a part of the sims at this point, not expansions.
When I say that I mean that they should just be included in the $60 launch price and shipped because they're things they've now established that they WILL release. IT's practically day one DLC that they wait a few months to put out.

If the sims came with that stuff from the start, you wouldn't complain about space on your computer or anything of the like because you would just assume that was SIMS which it WOULD BE.

Further innovative expansions are one things (eg: if they thought of new themed sets or entirely new ideas) but "expansions" that have really just become part of the main game SHOULD BE.

Avatar image for CincoToes

I'll get the Sims when I can make my dude a serial killer and kill other people's sims.

Avatar image for Digifox006

@CincoToes WHAT YOU CAN:T DO IT ON YOURS? My sim goes around killing people all the rime and against my will.

Avatar image for CincoToes

@Digifox006 Haha, I meant make him do it all the time. I don't have it, never seemed that cool to me.

Avatar image for dojoschffr

Damn, and I just got finishing perfecting Sims 3. I'm fine with it right now, i'll wait a year after sims 4 comes out to get it so by that time a few expansion packs and great mods will be available.

Avatar image for Poodlejumper

Playing with Dollies the game 4?


Avatar image for canadian_sharky

I only bought the sims 3 and the expansions this year cause i got them for 10$ each at a store that was closing. So if it came out in 2009, and i bought it in 2013, it mean that i'll buy the next one by 2018. Guess it'll leave me time to save up my money :)

Avatar image for JamesThePrince

The sims takes too much away from real life.Trust me......just trust

Avatar image for Goyoshi12

Loved Sims 3. Will probably get this one down the road as well. Don't get people's problem's with the Sims 3, though.

Of course I am a newcomer to the series and this is the first Sims game I played but from what I got I enjoyed it heavily and played it for four years and to this day still play it. Only bought one expansion pack though, Ambitions. Was thinking about buying more but then EA got a little out of hand with the expansion packs (and many other titles *cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough* Dragon Age 2 *cough*) so never got around to any others but I've played both those games for several years and had a ton of fun with them. Hope the next one will be good as well. Also, should probably go back and play through the Sims and Sims 2 based on what I'm hearing down below in the comments.

Avatar image for canadian_sharky

@Goyoshi12 The problem many of us have with sims 3 is that EA left huge chunk of gameplay out for the sake of selling it later as expansion. If you get around to get the sims 2, you will see that the base game got more content out of the box than the sims 3 after 2 or 3 expansions.

Avatar image for YoungCardinal


The "out of hand" reason is exactly why I've lost all interest or support for the Sims. They milk the series with too much DLC, and I personally find it irritating that they re-release the same expansions.

Having played the original and Sims 2, and what I've heard from friends about Sims 3, they keep milking and rehashing the same expansions (The Sims 2 Nightlife, Vacation, Pets, Seasons etc all had equivalent predecessors in the original. Sims 2 added open for business and university that were great, but Sims 3 seemed to add nothing new to the series, apart from decor expansions (at least thats how it seemed to me)

Only way to get me to support Sims 4 is if they built in some of the expanisions directly into the base game (University, pets and seasons at the very least should not be expansions). Don't think many will be too kind to have to but those particular expansions 3 or 4 times.

Avatar image for Digifox006

@YoungCardinal WTF is too much DLC. What complete and total nonsense. If you don't like the DLC don't buy it. CLEARLY the profit shows that other people DO LIKE THE DLCS..

Avatar image for YoungCardinal

@Digifox006 @YoungCardinal Um...Honest question: How long have you played the Sims franchise? Played Sim Vacation, Sim Hot Date, Unleashed? Sims 2 had similar expansions Bon Voyage, Nightlife, Pets,etc.

Now follow that with Sims 3 Late Night,World Adventures, Pets...these expansions all are duplicates of the original Sims 1 expansions...

Sims 3 also added the following expansions that were identical to the Sims 2 expansions: Seasons, Showtime, University Life On top of countless "stuff" packs.

I'm perfectly fine with not buying any DLC as I am a smart consumer and will not suport the idea of rehashing the same stuff at premium prices.

Play Sims 1 and Sims 2, and from a logistical standpoint, how much sense does it make for me to rebuy the same game and expansions over and over have fallen into the viscous cycle that EA has trapped you in if you think this is a fair deal to any consumer willing to waste $400+ on the complete Sims 3 experience...

Avatar image for Goyoshi12

@YoungCardinal Eh, never supported the other expansions and I never saw anything very compelling in the other expansion packs so I wasn't bothered.

Avatar image for YoungCardinal

@Goyoshi12 @YoungCardinal Understandable, but as you stated, Sims 3 was your first experience in the franchise.

If you played the originals and see the same DLC become available (pets, seasons etc) you would understand how "cheated" I would feel to have to pay another $30 for the same DLc that played in Sims 1 and 2

Avatar image for Daian

I stopped being interested in playing an adult life around the time when I started living one. So no tnx.

Avatar image for wexorian

I'm Fan of Sims IP playn since 2nd game got most Expansions even for 3rd game, And I'm tired with it, Too much milking they should stop for a while and make 4th game in 3-4 year with More features than we expect

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

So, I should probably catch up and play 2 and 3, eh?

Avatar image for Shinteikun

deja vu

Avatar image for acemono

Are you kidding another micro transaction game that gives advertisements as you play? It was bad enough knowing that there were pieces of DLC’s between the expiations and stuff packs. Then they started to put it in our faces when playing the game that’s when I quit playing.