The Sims 4: Growing Together Trailer Explores Family Dynamics

The new family, The Michaelsons, serve as an example of the expansion's new social mechanics.


A new trailer for the upcoming The Sims 4 expansion Growing Together offers a peak at the new social possibilities afforded by the expansion's features.

The trailer shows up the previously teased family, the Michaelsons. It shows off the new neighborhood Hopewood Hills, part of San Sequoia, as well as the expansion's new social dynamics like milestones and social compatibility. To explore these systems, the trailer shows the impact of Grandpa Michaelson moving in after his daughter Celeste has a new infant child.

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The married couple at the center of the Michaelsons have strong social compatibility and have experienced many milestones, like marriage and raising their children. However, grandpa Sebastian is protective of Celeste and has opposing interests to Sebastian, resulting in bad social compatibility.

The infant Orion has also shaken up the dynamics. Atlas, his older brother, misses the attention he got from his parents when he was an only child, and resents his younger sibling for seizing However, his jokester streak gives him great social compatibility with grandpa Sebastian. Orion is just a baby, and is focused on achieving infant milestones like rolling over, crawling, and learning to walk. The brief trailer provides a peek into the logic, and potential complexities, of the new social systems.

In other Sims news, The Sims 5 (currently codenamed Project Rene) has officially started playtesting. Additionally, a recent Sims 4 update added new, inclusive features to Create A Sim, including binders, hearing aids, and top surgery scars.

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