The Sims 4 For Xbox One Leaked, Release Date Revealed

It appears The Sims 4 is making its way to Xbox One.


The Sims 4 came to PC back in 2014, and it now seems the game is finally coming to Xbox One. A product page on the Microsoft Store has listed the game for Xbox One with a release date scheduled for November 17.

No official announcement from publisher EA has yet been made regarding The Sims 4 coming to console, so it's possible this is simply a listing error. It's also unclear whether the PC title will come to other platforms, and how much it will cost. GameSpot has contacted EA for comment.

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The Sims 4 recently came to Origin Access, the PC equivalent of EA Access--the Xbox One-exclusive subscription service that includes a number of free games. The libraries of free games available to EA and Origin Access members are typically very similar; that The Sims 4 has come to Origin Access, then, may hint that it will be added to Xbox One's EA Access Vault in the future.

EA has continued to support The Sims 4 since its release three years ago. Earlier in 2017 the game received a free update that added toddlers.

"I'm not exaggerating when I say we've been talking about this particular update for years," executive producer Lyndsay Pearson said at the time. "We just had to find the right time, resources, and design to allow us to start the heavy process of actually building and bringing toddlers to life. And believe me when I say it has been really really difficult to not talk about this as we worked to get it right."

In our original PC review, critic Kevin VanOrd called The Sims 4 "a lovely and lively game that elicits constant smirks," but he said a "a decked-out version of The Sims 3 is far more inviting." Read more in our full The Sims 4 review.

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