The Sims 4 does not require Internet connection

EA and Maxis confirm upcoming PC and Mac game is single-player offline experience.


The Sims 4 will not require an Internet connection, Electronic Arts and developer Maxis confirmed today following the game's announcement.

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EA described The Sims 4 as a game that celebrates the "heart and soul of the Sims themselves" through a single-player offline experience.

"The Sims 4 encourages players to personalize their world with new and intuitive tools while offering them the ability to effortlessly share their creativity with friends and fans," EA said in a statement.

Maxis' last project--SimCity--drew significant controversy for its always-online requirement. EA claimed the game's broadband mandate was necessary for gameplay purposes and was not in any way a form of DRM.

SimCity's launch was marred by server woes that left the game unplayable for some. In response to frustrations over the game's issues, EA gave out free games.

The Sims 4 will launch in 2014 for PC and Mac. It is the first core entry in the series since 2009's The The Sims 3.

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Avatar image for arcangelgold

If Origins is any part of it I won't touch the game. I HATED Sims 3 and HATED Origin. EA is a bunch of selfish losers afraid 1 person on Earth might pirate their crummy game. They need to get over it already! No one cares.

Avatar image for stev69

" EA described The Sims 4 as a game that celebrates the "heart and soul of the Sims themselves" through a single-player offline experience."

So did Sim City, that didn't stop you fucking that up.

Avatar image for JOHN1486

They wanna reinstate the public's trust they can issue a special edition of the game that allows for offline play, then give it no cost to those who purchased it!

Their mainframe is built on origin which uses internet connection as a central component I doubt they would let origin go the wayside......get used to internet connection 4 everything

Avatar image for xeoneex66

Seroiusly they expect what little fanbase they have left to actually believe what they say? I'd rather believe a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR at this point. EA hurry up and fucking die already no one LIKES YOU.

Avatar image for jyml8582

Only ______ still buy ea games.

Avatar image for arcangelgold

@jyml8582 employees

Avatar image for xeoneex66

@jyml8582 Imp's Dwarves, and insane midgets...

Avatar image for GSyyMega_LoseryyGS

@xeoneex66 @WantYouBad

i'm a retarded insane midget and i'm deeply offended.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

@jyml8582 Children, casual gamers, retards, and cats that have gone off the deep end?

Avatar image for mtouchprod

Ok brace yourselves everyone, and if you hate spoilers look away because I'm going to skip right to the end.

EA is lying. They know that if they announce DRM now they're going to have a year of negativity directed at the game. For now, they'll tell us what we want to hear, then as the release day gets closer the spin will start. They'll explain the difference between their new version of "always online" and what we THOUGHT always online meant, and how this isn't DRM, it's an exciting new feature.

Avatar image for quantumtheo

Wernher, you are trying WAY too hard to fit in with the youth with that look... what a tool...

And F the sims... EA is a drug dealer, putting out the same game over and over again.

And it should say "despite our efforts to make Sims 4 always online, the last time we tried we failed, so for once we won't repeat our mistakes..."

Avatar image for kohle36

I think it's about time this made another round

Avatar image for greater_bird

@kohle36 I can't say I agree with the depth of his feeling, but this hit enough truths to be enormously funny.

Avatar image for JOHN1486

@kohle36 wow I admit the sims lost its charm and its an endless cash in with its DLC additionally I have yet to find anything redeeming or original to make the subsequent games fun since the original The Sims came out, but this guy needs to relax its just a game, don't like don't play...

Avatar image for kohle36

@JOHN1486 Haha it's Yahtzee, that's his thing, don't take it too seriously

Avatar image for Razer361

Yeah! I'm still not buying it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce92612ab724

$500 dlc for all the stuff we already bought for the previous game LOL

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

I wouldn't mind a multiplayer option but only if it is optional.

Also if this game ends up like Sims 3 where you basically get three pieces of furniture and a couple of floor tiles and wall papers with all the rest of the stuff in pricey item packs it won't matter because I won't be going near it.

Sims 3 is straight up robbery in the number of items it gives you out of the box.

Avatar image for puukusa

I beleive that this game should have had a multiplayer option back in 2009.

Avatar image for greater_bird

@puukusa I think The Sims needs multiplayer about as much as Sim City did... which is not at all. The whole game is about customizing life exactly as the player wants it to be; I can't see how other people can be anything but a detriment to that.

I remember people freaking out back when Sims 3 came out that the AI now aged/moved out/married their family's neighbours, thereby destroying the stories they had in their heads and wanted to play out in the game. You couldn't have multiplayer without increasing that effect unless you made it observation only, and that's not multiplayer, that's the same always-on DRM excuse that was used for Sim City...

Avatar image for J_Dangerously

They just gained about an additional 10 million units sold over the game's entire lifespan.

Avatar image for TheTrueObelus

Hmm could EA be learning?

Avatar image for Alves_19

i think EA is starting to learn not to repeat it's own mistakes! hope so, they still one of the biggest game companys on the market, if they start to get it right it will be great for us gamers!

Avatar image for strayfies

Oh thank god.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Lets hope it doesnt have so many performance bugs like 3 does aka sims getting stuck somewhere to many cars around

Avatar image for so_hai

It's true - no connection is required.

The alternative they've come up with is that each purchaser will have an EA Representative on-site at all times while playing the game.

Avatar image for d3nR

I hope a I get a hot librarian type

Avatar image for so_hai

@d3nR She may need to see your Dongle.

Avatar image for andmcq

Sim City 4 won't require online? More like, Sim City 4 won't require purchasing.

Avatar image for ImmersioNw0w

@andmcq ....what sim city 4?

Avatar image for andmcq

@ImmersioNw0w @andmcq Lol. I read the title at Sim City 4 won't require Internet Connection :|


Avatar image for Mamamf

@andmcq @ImmersioNw0w And it doesn't :D

Avatar image for DAOWAce

Looks like profit losses, shutting down studios (firing employees) and a massive slamming of their company/game (Sim City) is actually opening their eyes.

Color me surprised.

Now to see what microtransactions are in the single player game!

Avatar image for bloody-hell

@rushiosan Well, if you are given the choice of a simple "Install -> use KeyGen -> Copy crack -> Play" or EA's "Buy overpriced product -> create Origin account -> install Origin -> troubleshoot account creation and logon problems for a few days -> get your personal data spied on by Origin without your consent to improve their "service" -> install game -> activate game -> troubleshoot game activation problems for a few days -> launch game -> try to enjoy it until for whatever reason your Origin account gets perma-banned or hacked, locking you out of all your bought games" way, then it becomes obvious very quickly why their games are still being pirated so much.

Personally I think DRM free games sell better because it's just a better service for the customer to just enjoy the bought product troublefree until eternity, whereas DRM only annoys and restricts them (and doesn't hinder pirates anyways).

Avatar image for k2theswiss

it will require 20 expansion packs to work though

Avatar image for Scarshi

So, now my wife starts her "Sims" collection all over again. Sigh. Hopefully the AI will be a lot smarter and cleaner for this new version. I make the houses and she uses them.

Avatar image for sortajan

i refuse to believe this

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

It is almost like they are learning.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

@Toysoldier34 Yes fortunately for us too

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

Lol, this is the only game they make that SHOULD have online. I wonder if they just stripped it all out as damage control. I hate that social interaction crap, but really? A Sims game with no social interation? Honestly though, I think Simcity is pretty awesome. Granted, I got it a month after release, but it ran perfect for me. Never had any issues playing it "online" in a private mode to simulate playing "offline" as I've always known and played the series.

Avatar image for Higurashinoni

I really like how EA has to announce that their games are or aren't going to be always online now. You're still in denial EA, get to acceptance already.

Avatar image for Navardo95

Had loads of fun with Sims 2 on my PC...really amazing games but I still haven't bought Sims 3 :/

Avatar image for snakefantasy10

Man if I was going to buy a new Sim game they would have to do something new and different to make me really want to buy it. that's for sure.

Avatar image for -HaloHitman-

Ah, I see EA is learning from their massive mistake.

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

Will this even sale? I saw copies of Sims 3 earlier this year for $4.99.

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

@hatieshorrer After 13 years and repeatedly stated as the best selling PC game of all time? The Sims is a franchise giant. Of course it will sell. The fact the last base game is now selling at $4.99 is kind of irrelevant.

Avatar image for 91210user

What ever happened to 'Online only experience are the future, single player are no more'?

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

@91210user Everything online is a BAD future. As a Single player gamer i do not like the idea

Avatar image for Scarshi

@Simplythebest12 @91210user I too am a single player. Mostly. I do see a requirement for being connected. Just not a dependent one :)

Avatar image for Scarshi

@91210user They tried to live the future now, and found it wanting :\