The Sims 2 shipping September 17

Sources confirm to GameSpot that the sequel to Maxis' lifestyle sim will be out this fall.


Today at E3, GameSpot learned the release date for The Sims 2. The sequel to the best-selling PC series of all time will hit PCs on September 17, according to an anonymous source close to the game's development.

While game retailers had speculated a late 2004 Sims 2 release--EB Games is listing a tentative date of September 6--EA had not made public any hard information since the game missed its January 2004 ship date. When queried, EA representatives told GameSpot to expect more official information on The Sims 2 "soon."

Developed by EA-owned Maxis, The Sims 2 updates the multimillion-selling franchise--which remains based on the original's four-year-old engine--with a host of new features. Besides adding 3D graphics and expansive levels, the game will also follow players' sims through their entire life cycles, from cradle to grave. Players' sims will even be able to sire children, who will be continue to pass their own genes on until the first Sims 2 expansion pack arrives.

Check back later for more on this breaking story, in addition to all of GameSpot's extensive E3 coverage. To pre-create content for the upcoming game, download The Sims 2 Body Shop and Body Shop Starter Pack from GameSpot DLX.

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