The Simpsons writers try out Oculus Rift-- We can only imagine the jokes they are cooking up

Expect a future episode of the beloved animated series to poke fun at virtual reality in some way.


The Simpsons writers have not shied away from parodying the video game industry in the past, and now they have more material to work with. Veteran Simpsons producer Matt Selman tweeted an image recently of The Simpsons writers trying out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Don't have a cow, man.
Don't have a cow, man.

"Simpsons writers take Oculus Goggles for a spin," Selman wrote with the image at left attached.

You can imagine the kind of jokes The Simpsons writers might have in place for a future episode. Maybe they'll rip the technology for encouraging isolation or poke fun at the privacy concerns that come along with being a Facebook-owned company. We'll have to wait and see.

In fact, The Simpsons has already parodied virtual reality. Season 9, Episode 12 episode "Bart Carny" sees the popular animated family visit a traveling carnival where one attraction is a virtual reality experience called "Yard Work Simulator."

More recently, Selman himself wrote The Simpsons Season 23, Episode 5 "The Food Wife," which opens with Homer taking Lisa and Bart to "E4," an obvious parody of E3. In this episode, we see games like "Jalo," "Assassin's Creed: Summer of Love," and "Grand Theft Scratchy," among others.

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