The Simpsons Road Rage ships for the GameCube

Electronic Arts announces that its driving game featuring the Simpsons has shipped to stores.


Electronic Arts announced today that The Simpsons Road Rage, its action racing title for the GameCube, is currently shipping to retailers. An arcade-style game in the vein of Crazy Taxi, the game allows players to play as a variety of Simpsons characters. The game's story finds the citizens of Springfield attempting to buy back the city's transit corporation from Mr. Burns. The game will feature single-player and head-to-head gameplay through six familiar Springfield locations.

The game will include a host of familiar characters from the series, many of which must be unlocked. In addition, all the voice actors from the long-running cartoon series will be on hand to voice their animated alter egos. The GameCube version of the title will mark its third appearance as PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions have already been released.

$89.99 on Walmart

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