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The Season Of Passage Brings Night, Group Quests To Sky: Children Of The Light

Sky's new season is out now, inviting players to explore their favorite realms by night.


Sky: Children of the Light has just launched its newest season, the Season of Passage. Focusing on rites of passage with a group of teenaged spirits, the new season builds on the game's collaborative play by offering large group quests.

Running from April 17 to June 25, the Season of Passage invites players to go on a journey with four young spirits who will be encountered in the Isle of Dawn. For the first time, players will be able to experience familiar locations under the cover of darkness, with new seasonal quests taking place at night.

While these quests are possible to complete independently, each one after the second quest will involve larger groups of players, and they are scheduled to start at set intervals to allow players to gather. While Sky has always immersed players in a shared world, the new season builds on the sense of scale introduced with the Aurora interactive concerts last year, allowing larger numbers of players to share experiences together.

As with all Sky's previous seasons, exclusive seasonal cosmetics will be on offer in exchange for seasonal candles, regular candles, and seasonal hearts. The unlockables for the Season of Passage include expressions, outfits, capes, hairstyles, and a new style of playable instrument. Players who unlock the $10 season pass will be able to unlock a larger number of items, including two ultimate gifts.

Sky: Children of the Light is free to play on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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