The Sea's Legend - How To Get The Mythical Manaphy In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The mythical Pokemon Manaphy is part of a lengthy and complicated side quest, which even includes a tough riddle. Here's how to solve it and complete The Sea's Legend.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus brings together hundreds of Pokemon in a new open setting that lets you capture most monsters at will, but some especially rare ones are gated behind story progress or special quests. This is the case for the Manaphy, a mythical water-based Pokemon that debuted in Diamond and Pearl. You can get a Manaphy by completing the side quest The Sea's Legend, but this quest is anything but straightforward. Here's how to complete The Sea's Legend and claim your Manaphy.

The Sea's Legend - How to capture Manaphy

Once you reach Coronet Highlands in the main story, you can find The Sea's Legend appear on the Request board in Professor Laventon's office. Unlike some other requests, though, this one will trigger a cutscene that tells you about the legend of a prince. It's not terribly clear what to do next from this quest, but that's because it's actually a riddle that relates to an entirely separate game.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you can find a book in the Canaleve that also describes this legend. That book references a party consisting of a Mantyke, Buizel, and a "Qwilfish with huge spikes." So to start, you'll need to capture those three Pokemon: a Mantyke, a Buizel, and a Qwilfish.

Where to find Mantyke, Buizel, and Qwilfish/Overqwil

Buizel is easy enough to find and you may already have one in your pastures, since it appears in the Obsidian Fieldlands very early. Mantyke and Qwilfish both tend to float around the Cobalt Coastlands, near the Tranquility Cove. But the legend references a "Qwilfish with huge spikes," which means its evolved form, an Overqwil. So you'll need to not only capture a Qwilfish, but also evolve it. Or, you can wait until later in the game when it appears naturally in the world.

Unlike some Pokemon with leveling requirements, Qwilfish only evolves if you use a specific move in a specific way. Its Pokedex entry hints at the conditions, having one criteria for both using Barb Barrage and another for using strong style moves. So you'll need to use Barb Barrage in strong style 20 times. Your Qwilfish will also need to be at least level 20, but most that you capture in the wild will fulfill that requirement anyway. Once you've completed the criteria, evolve your Qwilfish.

The mystery of Cobalt Coastlands

Make sure you have Mantyke, Buizel, and Overqwil in your party and go to the Cobalt Coastlands. Go to the Coastlands Camp if you've opened it, because that will put you very close to your goal for the next phase. On the map near this camp, you'll see a land formation that looks like a claw. And just off the fingertip of one claw are two pincer-like rocks jutting out from the water. That's your goal.

Before you head over, use the camp to sleep until evening time. Then head for the pincer-like rocks and use your Pokemon ride to sail right between them. If you've fulfilled all the conditions to this point, you'll see a prompt that you heard a boulder shifting in the distance.

Head back to camp to swap out your party for stronger Pokemon if you need to for a tough battle, and then head to the Seaside Hollow cave, just northwest of Veilstone Cape. That's where you'll find Manaphy.

Manaphy and Phione

When you enter the cave you'll find one level 50 Manaphy and three lower-level Phione Pokemon. They'll be spinning throughout the room and making it hazardous for you, so initiate a battle as quickly as you can. If your own Pokemon are just barely around level 50, though, you may want to see if you can get Manaphy by itself first, because battling all four at once can be tough.

You can capture any or all of the Pokemon here, but only Manaphy is needed to complete the side quest. If you defeat it by accident, leave the cave and come back in to re-initiate. Once you've captured it, you'll get a prompt saying that phase of the quest is complete.

Report back to Professor Laventon and he'll give you three Comet Shards. Plus you'll be one step closer to catching every Pokemon, a necessary step to complete the lengthy post-game quest.

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