The Rock solidifies Doom movie role

Actor reveals bits about the shooter-based project on his <i>Daily Show</i> appearance; confirms filming just wrapped up.


Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed more information on the upcoming Doom film, based on id Software's hit franchise. Johnson, who was on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart promoting the film Be Cool, was prodded by Stewart about another upcoming project.

"The film is Doom," admitted Johnson, "We just wrapped it." After Stewart asked the part-time WWE wrestler if he played a "creature," Johnson responded, "No, I'm the one," to which Stewart elatedly brought his hands to his face and screamed, "You're the dude!"

Confusion as to whether The Rock or actor Karl Urban of the Lord of the Rings trilogy fame would be the film's main star still remains. Urban's character, John Grimm, is the leader of a special-operations group that includes Johnson's character, listed only as "Sarge." The Rock was earlier quoted by Empire Online as saying, "Without giving the movie away, I play the ultimate [censored]. It'll be great. But you don't know I'm [censored]."

Taking much of its inspiration from the PC game Doom 3, the film will take place in a paramilitary research facility on Mars, where things go awry and hell is literally raised. Some theories say that the Rock is actually Satan in disguise, which would tie in to the film and game's devilish setting.

Johnson let on about his excitement for the film. "Here's the great thing about Doom... It's rated 'R,' it's unapologetic, just like the video game. I love blowing [expletive] up, and in this movie..." Johnson also gave details about the legendary BFG, calling it a "bio-force gun," rather than the more profane term gamers pegged the acronym as standing for.

Doom the movie is expected to hit the screen in August and is being directed by Cradle 2 the Grave director Andrzej Bartkowiak. Contrary to earlier reports by id Software, the film is indeed being developed by Universal Pictures and will costar Die Another Day's Rosamund Pike in a less villainous role.

Doom 3 was released on the PC last August, and an Xbox version will hit shelves April 3.

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