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The Rock Gets Excited About Rampage Reviews, Upsets Doom's Twitter Account

"And remember, I starred in the stinker Doom."


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest movie, Rampage, has arrived in theaters. It's a loose adaptation of the classic game of the same name, and while that may sound like a recipe for another bad movie, it's actually quite entertaining, as our Rampage review states. The Rock seems pleased to have possibly cracked the video game movie curse, though he's upset the people behind Doom's Twitter account in the process of sharing that excitement.

Score aggregator Rotten Tomatoes tweeted to point out that Rampage's average review score at the time (53%) would put it ahead of every video game movie in history. The Rock took note of this, tweeting, "Wow! Very cool Rampage news! Not pointing to the scoreboard yet, but it seems we may have finally broken the dreaded video game curse. And remember, I starred in the stinker Doom so I have lived thy curse."

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Cut to Doom's Twitter account, which either didn't take kindly to The Rock taking a shot like that or just reminding people that the Doom movie exists.

While the Doom movie wasn't very good, things for the franchise have looked better since then. The latest game, 2016's simply titled Doom, was a stellar first-person shooter, offering a surprisingly engaging single-player campaign. A PS4 Pro and Xbox One X update was released recently that makes those versions look especially nice. And late last year, we got a Nintendo Switch port that actually played quite well (albeit without some of the visual flair of other platforms).

As for Rampage, it's out now in theaters. Our review says it's "dumb as hell, but it's also pretty dang entertaining." It's also got The Rock doing The Rock things, which on its own might make it worth the price of admission for many people.

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