The Rock Fights A Giant, Flying Wolf In Insane New Rampage Trailer

"Of course the wolf flies."


Just when you thought Rampage, the big-screen adaptation of the classic video game, couldn't get anymore amazingly ridiculous, a new trailer is here to prove you wrong. Already, the film was going to pit Dwayne Johnson against a trio of mutated animals--an ape, a wolf, and a lizard--in a showdown that could main event any WrestleMania.

Now, a new trailer has revealed something that's going to make The Rock's job of saving the world even harder. It seems at least one of the mutated animals has a trick up its sleeve. The wolf can fly and Johnson's character Davis Okoye was certainly not expecting it. "Your oversized monkey is old news," Agent Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tells him before the wolf glides through a building. "Of course the wolf flies," Davis laments.

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It's hard not to admire just how high Rampage is aiming in terms of being over-the-top. Then again, an adaptation of a video game about giant animals smashing buildings certainly shouldn't be subtle.

This is one of three movies Johnson has heading to the big screen this year, along with Skyscraper and the wrestling biopic Fighting with My Family--in which he plays himself and serves as executive producer. Rampage smashes into theaters on April 20.

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