The Ring (DC) Walkthrough

How to beat The Ring in 70 easy steps.


The Ring Walkthrough
Follow these 70 easy steps to complete The Ring.

1. Try to open the door, phone will start ringing.
2. Use the computer on the desk.
3. After tutorial, go upstairs and kill the enemy.
4. Go back downstairs, back in the real world exit the room and meet Chris.
5. After the conversation with the chief, enter the room down the hallway and talk to the doctor.
6. Enter the lobby, and work your way to the "Lab 1st" room at the far end...try to leave the room and the phone starts ringing. Enter the small side room and answer the phone.
7. Return to the chief's office and talk to him.
8. Talk to doctor again.
9. Go into girl's locker room to meet Kathy and Chris.
10. Go into men's locker room. The doctor will get you past Lukino, check the locker on the far end for a key and a file.
11. Go to previously inaccessible door next to boss's office.
12. Pick up file on bookshelf, Lukino will boot you out.
13. After exiting, go speak with doctor.
14. Go back to lab 1st, and click on laptop to enter the Ring again.
15. Enter manhole in corner to go underground.
16. Answer phone in save room.
17. Meet the Brigade soldier around the corner.
18. Head into Microscope; defeat the enemy hidden in the locker.
19. Use the laptop back in the save room.
20. Back in the real world, go talk to the chief.
21. Wake up in bed, go back to lab 1st, hit the switch next to the wall to turn the lights on.
22. Go into the small room where your laptop is. After the scene, grab the keycard off the floor.
23. Go back and try to exit the lobby, Kathy will stop you.
24. Meet Kathy in hallway near chief's office.
25. Go downstairs and Kathy will lead you to a metal door.
26. Enter office 1 and talk to Chris.
27. Go to the end of the hall and speak with Kathy in the lunchroom.
28. Go back down the hallway towards where you entered this area to meet up with Chris.
29. Enter office 1 (you will be back in the Ring).
30. Go up to the door near the far corner, Meg will talk to herself about finding a way to open it.
31. Go to the operation room, push medic tray over to the shelf and climb up and grab the shotgun.
32. Use shotgun to blow open the locked door, go inside and get keycard off the floor.
33. Use keycard to enter stairway, go up to the first floor and enter.
34. Go into office 1 and get your 15-minute time limit.
35. Head back downstairs.
36. Go to breeding room and blow away the large monkey. Take the key he leaves behind.
37. Go back to the transmitter room on the first floor. Use the key on the main valve and enter "1951" as your password. You can now use switches to turn on the lights in all the rooms.
38. Go back to the room where you first entered the Ring, examine upright tube to return.
39. Enter the lunchroom to meet Christ and Kathy.
40. Enter stairway, go downstairs.
41. Meet manwoman in bathroom, she will be blabbing about dying in 3 days.
42. Meet old guy for pointless conversation in hospital room.
43. There are two more people to talk to in the room across from Microscope.
44. Enter Microscope, and hide in the locker.
45. Go back up to the second floor and take the small key from your chief's desk.
46. Open drawer in the room near your president's office to get 8mm film (this is the same room that Lukino booted you out of in step 12).
47. Go back to lab 1st. Answer phone.
48. Go back to first floor, office 1 and visit Chris.
49. Go back to 2nd floor and enter the previously inaccessible area via its left entrance. Use 9mm film on the player.
50. Back in the Ring, follow the corridors until you get to previously locked door at dead end and enter. The man tells you to go get the grenade launcher from the first floor.
51. Go back to the room where you fought the first enemy (step 3) and get the grenade launcher behind the shelves (there is ammo for this gun in the kitchen along with an assault rifle...).
52. Return to the man at the end of the basement and enter the room to kill the enemy.
53. Go back to the 1st floor, to meet Jack.
54. Back in reality...walk up to the side door in the room, Lukino will interrupt and apologize and fill you in on what's going on.
55. Walk in to receive a fax from Jack.
56. Use the laptop to enter the Ring once more.
57. Go back up the stairs to the 1st floor; follow the girl into the room she enters.
58. Back down in the basement, the girl will lead you. Enter the room (same as step 52).
59. Enter previously locked room in the upper right on the basement map.
60. Enter level 4 room; enter door on right for a cool cinema.
61. Go back to tube at other end of basement and enter reality (it's up through manhole).
62. Pick up handgun on desk and go to door to activate 3-min time limit.
63. You need to make a mad dash for the basement (shortcut is to exit outside via the now unlocked exit near lab 1st and the use the manholes to go underground).
64. Go see the lady in isolation room...she goes monkey, blow her to bits. 65. Check the rooms around here again and pick up the key floating above the body bag.
66. Go back to 1st floor generator and turn the power on (enter "1951").
67. Walk down towards lunchroom on the first floor, save Kathy from the enemy (you can then find her in the bushes again but this is optional).
68. Go to chief's office and click on the bookcase.
69. Walk to the center of the room and fight the boss. Enter the room to the right after defeating him.
70. Use stairway to go up to the roof and beat the last boss.

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