The Razer Kishi Controller Is Aimed At Mobile And Streaming Games

It's designed with Google Stadia, xCloud, and other streaming platforms in mind.


Razer has debuted a new mobile controller that can strap onto a phone, the Razer Kishi, during CES 2020. This universal controller is designed to work with any phone, and is made with streaming services like Google Stadia and xCloud in mind.

There will be Android and iOS versions of the controller, but they will both carry the same features. These include clickable analog thumbsticks and buttons similar to an Xbox One controller, as well as a D-Pad.

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It's a low-latency device, and connects to the phone through either USB-C or a Lightning connection. It can charge your device while it's being used, and it can stretch to suit the style of phone it's being clipped onto.

CNET went hands-on with the device during CES 2020, and found that playing Gears 5 through xCloud on their phone with the Kishi worked well. It'll also be compatible with all mobile titles that support controllers.

We also saw the PlayStation 5 logo unveiled during CES 2020, ahead of its holiday 2020 release. In other mobile gaming news, the AlienWare Concept UFO was shown off, which looks a lot like a Switch for PC games.

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