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The quirkiest Nintendo 3DS game you haven't played yet is coming to the US and EU

One of Nintendo's weirdest games, Tomodachi Collection (translated as Friend Collection), might actually come to the West soon.

Source: TinyCartdrige
Source: TinyCartdrige

The Wall Street Journal reports (via TinyCartridge) that Tomodachi Collection, an original, quirky game straight from Nintendo, is getting a Western release soon.

"The company is now working to decide what can be kept and what needs to be scrapped for its overseas launch of Tomodachi Collection--or Friend Collection--a 3DS life simulation game in which Miis from consoles can interact with one another and develop via mundane activities, such as exchanging food and clothing."

Tomodachi Collection is a hard game to describe; it's a life sim that bears some similarities to Animal Crossing and The Sims with its focus on day-to-day life rather than gameplay. Your Mii avatar interacts with other Miis, sharing dreams, attending events, and experiencing random life experiences. The game is distinctly Japanese in many ways, but as Iwata says in the article, "Even the most 'Japanese' games can translate abroad without losing their identity."

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