The Quarry Best Ending Guide: How To Save Everyone

Here's how to make sure everyone survives the night in The Quarry.


The Quarry is the latest narrative horror game from Supermassive Games, the makers of Until Dawn. The Quarry sees a group of camp counselors enjoy one last night at camp after all the campers have gone home, but something is amiss. Throughout The Quarry you will need to make choices and complete quick-time events to keep the counselor alive. This guide will help you make it through the night without anyone, except for the villains, biting the dust. It's important to follow the guide as closely as possible, as messing up even one choice or QTE can result in a character dying. Spoilers ahead.


The prologue opens with Laura and Max in the car together. There is one quick QTE related to the map before you exit the vehicle. Outside the car, head to the trunk and open it, where Laura will find a rejection letter. Laura will speak with Max and you should pick the Compliant option. Laura will briefly walk through the woods, following the main path. After returning to the car a cop, Travis, will approach you and you should pick the following dialogue options; Honest, Honest, Friendly, Compliant, and Relieved.

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Despite telling the cop they would go to a motel instead of the camp, Laura and Max head to Hackett's Quarry summer camp. After a brief cutscene, head downstairs and look in the direction the car's headlights are pointing. Laura wants to break in and you should choose Take Wrenches and the Confident dialogue choice. The pair will head down into the bunker and Max will be attacked. Choose the option to help Max and the prologue will end. There will be a brief cutscene with the narrator before the first chapter, choose to Move On.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 begins with the camp counselors saying goodbye to the campers. While waving goodbye the campers will speak to each other and you will be presented with a dialogue option, pick the Reflective option. You will now pay as Jacob and have the ability to walk around. Pick up the bags on the stairs to advance, where you will talk to Kaitlyn. Here you will need to pick Playful, Mischievous, and Brave. After that you will need to steal the rotator arm. After that there will be a QTE event to catch the phone before the conversation ends with the Friendly dialogue option.

You will now switch over to Abigail, who is hanging out with Emma. There will be a quick QTE, and then you need to choose the Break In option. Head to the left and pick up the teddy bear and choose to Keep It. Now head to the end of the area where Emma is hanging out. While talking with Emma the sequence is Enthusiastic, QTE, Scenic Route, and Supportive.

After that you will drive back with the group where you should Nudge, Friendly, Supportive, and Understanding. Now, camp director Chris Hackett shows up and Ryan follows him to his office, where Chris takes a phone call. Here you need to Eavesdrop, Concerned, Apologetic, and Inquisitive.

The pair heads outside, where there will be two QTEs, followed by a conversation where you need to choose Compliant, Insistent, Supportive, and Reluctant. This ends the chapter and you will need to once again choose the Move On option with the narrator.

Chapter 2

Every chapter ends with a recap from the narrator.
Every chapter ends with a recap from the narrator.

Chapter begins with you playing as Emma and you will need to choose to Kick Door when prompted. This is an area you can explore, but there aren't any necessary items you need to interact with. Instead head to the door where you will get to call Call Jacob. Inside the room, Jacob will grab the beer and you should grab the shotgun which has the safe code on it. Leave the room and head towards the exit. With the safe code Emma will automatically open the safe where you need to choose Leave Fireworks and Affectionate.

Next we head to Dylan and Ryan in Chris' office. Pick the Friendly option and then you can explore the room as Dylan. Once again, there are no necessary interactions here so go ahead and move to the door next to the shotgun on the wall, which will prompt a QTE. Interact with the wardrobe and pick the Mischievous option and inspect everything inside the wardrobe. After that, return to your charging phones on Chris' desk and pick the Head to Party option to move on.

Next is Nick and Abigail walking in the woods. You will be presented with a fork in the path, head to the Rocky Road. After walking a short distance, you will get a cutscene where you need to pick the uncertain option. Head down the stairs for the next cutscene where it goes Sincere, QTE, QTE, and Cheerful.

There is a quick scene with Kaitlyn at the lake that goes QTE, Serious, and Stern. Next is a quick scene with Nick and Jacob that goes Hopeful, followed by an event where you have to shoot melons (can't fail) with Gloating at the end. The chapter ends at the campfire where you need to choose Interrupt, Truth, Mischievous, Kaitlyn, and Mischievous. The chapter ends with the narrator.

Chapter 3

This opens with Abigail, who needs to move forward and exit the woods to trigger a cutscene with Nick. This cutscene goes Call Back, Honest, Cautious, Kiss, after which a monster will attack Nick. From this point forward failing a QTE will likely cause a character death, so be careful. Now you need to Help Nick, QTE, Run, Smash, Don't Climb Tree, and Hold Breath. If successful, the monster will leave without biting Abigail.

Next up is a cutscene with Jacob and Emma talking, but there aren't any choices to make. After that you can walk around as Jacob. Head up to the boat house and interact with Emma to advance, starting a conversation. When talking to Emma your choices should go Enthusiastic, Don't Splash, Flirt, Dive In, Grab, QTE, Detangle. Next is a scene as Ryan, where you need to choose Worried, Assertive, Shortcut, QTE, Shortcut, QTE, Shout, and Shoot. This leads to a quick scene with Jacob before the chapter ends, where you need to pick Don't Call Out, Smash, Pleading, and Don't Throw Dirt.

Chapter 4

It's going to take some perfect QTE skills to keep everyone alive.
It's going to take some perfect QTE skills to keep everyone alive.

Next up is a cutscene as Ryan, where you are inspecting Nick's wound. Here you need to Apply Pressure, Smash, Dismissive, Call Out, Don't Shoot, Don't Shoot, Questioning, Let Go, QTE. If you choose to shoot, you will kill Jacob. Next is Emma walking on the island. There are two paths, both of which lead to a tree house. After entering the tree house you will have the option to either open the trap door or search a bag. You need to search the bag, use the taser, and take a photo of the monster. Still inside the tree house you will need to QTE, Smash, Spray, QTE, QTE, Block Door, Use Trapdoor, QTE, QTE, Smash. This results in Emma sealing the trapdoor shut, so the monster can't get in and kill her.

Next up you are playing as Dylan, heading into a building with a couple other characters. Here you need to pick Optimistic, Hopeful, Determined, Suspicious, Calm, Defensive, and Give Gun. We head back to Emma, where you only need to do two things before the chapter ends, Reel Slowly and Don't Speed Up, after which the chapter ends.

Chapter 5

This chapter opens up with Nick and Abigail talking, where you need to choose Grateful, Don't Speak Up, and Reassuring. We cut to Kaitlyn in the lodge, where you need to do QTE, QTE, Hold Breath, QTE, after which the game cuts back to Nick and Abigail. Here, you need to Confident, Intrigued, Hide, and Hold Breath.

Next is Dylan and Ryan walking to the lodges. There aren't any choices here until you reach the lodge, where you need to pick Confident. Inside there are a bunch of options you need to choose while they are attacked by a monster. The flow here is Interested, Concerned, Apologetic, Don't Shoot, Aggressive, Confident, Calm, Desperate, Chainsaw, and Uncertain. After that, there are no more choices while the rest of the cutscene plays out, concluding the chapter.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 starts with Jacob roaming around. Head to the right to run into Emma, which starts a cutscene. Here you need to go Delighted, Apologetic, QTE, Hide, Hold Breath, and Pry Open. Next we quickly move over to Kaitlyn, where you need to pick Compassionate, Intervene, and Help Nick. Now we move over to Abigail in the pool house, where you can roam around. Head over to Nick to advance, where you need to pick Calm and Compassionate. After that you will be prompted to shoot Nick with the shotgun. Shoot Nick. This might seem counterintuitive, but if you don't shoot Abigail dies, but if you do shoot, Nick turns into a monster and lives.

Now we switch over to Emma who needs to walk through the forest. There are two paths ahead, but both lead to the same place and there isn't anything important on either path, so just advance forward. Once you get to the top of the hill, the next cutscene will kick in. Here you need to Don't Run, Reassuring, Suspicious, and Interested, which will end the chapter.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 starts out with Laura in jail, speaking with the cop. In the first cutscene, the action sequence is Don't Call Out, Compliant, Compliant, Intrigued, Pleading, Don't Lash Out, Concerned, Disappointed, Compliant, Worried. Now you get to walk around the cell. Head to the left corner and interact with the bed, where you will find a spoon. The cop returns for another cutscene, which goes Fearful, Serious, Reflective, Encouraging, Empathetic, Calm, Curious, Optimistic, Skeptical, Don't Call For Help, Compassionate.

You now get to free roam the police station as Laura. The most important thing here is to head upstairs into the third office, open the locker, and grab the syringe. Feel free to explore, but nothing else in the police station is necessary. Head back to the cell, hide the syringe in the left wall and go to sleep.

Laura wakes up for another cut scene with Travis, which goes Honest, Confident, Don't Take Gun, Confused, Encouraging, Resigned, Empathetic, QTE, QTE, Anxious, Reassuring, Show Bite. Because you hid the syringe, you can knock out Travis without angering him. Next is a short cutscene with Jacob where you need to choose Pleading.

Chapter 8

Next up is a cutscene with Ryan and Laura, where you need to pick the options Uncertain, Curious, Suspicious, Guarded, Compassionate, Friendly, Inquisitive, Reflective, Compassionate. Now you will get to explore this cave as Laura. Head to the tunnel exit and go through the door. Next is a cutscene as Kaitlyn, where you need to pick Honest and Encouraging.

This moves to you walking as Ryan with Laura in the Hackett's basement. Head to the tunnel with the red light to trigger the next cutscene. This one flows QTE, Don't Open Cage, Stop Laura, Help Jacob, Choose Breakers 1 and 2, Continue, Choose Breakers 2 and 3. This releases Jacob from his cage, which saves him from a later death. After a few cutscenes, the chapter ends.

Chapter 9

There is a series of short cutscenes with only a few choices. It starts with Dylan and Kaitlyn, where you should pick Positive and Curious. Next is Abigail and Emma, where you should pick Curious and Curious.

We head back to Laura and Ryan, where Laura struggles with the old woman. While struggling Shoot Gun, QTE, Don't Pull Knife. The old woman will die, but since she is one of the Hackett's she doesn't need to live for the good ending. Ryan gets stabbed here, but it's fine. Now, as Ryan, you get to move around the room. Interact with the cabinet and the bed. After that check the left door, which triggers the next cutscene. Here you need to pick Hide, In Cabinet, Hold Breath, QTE. This moves us over to Laura, where you need to Hide and Hold Breath.

Laura moves into a new room. Head to the door, which will cause Jediah Hackett to enter. In the cutscene there will be three QTEs, Attack, and Smash, resulting in the death of Jediah. Now we move over to Ryan. This sequence goes QTE, QTE, Hold Breath, Stab, Sympathetic, Accept, Don't Pull Away.

Next is Dylan and Kaitlyn in the scrapyard. You get to explore for a bit, with the yellow crane advancing to the next cutscene. Approaching the yellow crane starts the next series of choices, which go Encouraging, Warn Kaitlyn, QTE, Sound Horn, Smash, QTE, Smash.

This moves us to Abigail in the bunker basement. Head towards the left, across from the staircase, where you will find the fuse box. Inside are some silver bullets, which are necessary. After that head up the ladder. This moves us to Laura in the attic of the Hackett house, where two cutscenes will play out once you walk forward. Laura turns into a monster and kills Bobby Hackett. Next you play as Ryan, where you must Shoot Monster. This kills Chris Hackett, which lifts the curse on Laura. Travis arrives and doesn't kill Laura because you didn't shoot him in the police station. You need to pick the Suspicious option, which ends the chapter.

Chapter 10

Kaitlyn get to start the final fight, with Laura ending it.
Kaitlyn get to start the final fight, with Laura ending it.

Since you killed Chris, Max's curse is lifted and you begin this chapter as him. As Max head towards the campfire where you will find a pink cap. After that walk towards the dock, triggering a cutscene where you need to Stay.

Next is Kaitlyn in the lodge. You can free roam once again, with the option to trigger the final encounter by interacting with the portrait. This sequence goes Run, Beam, Smash, Run, Investigate, Shoot. This kills Caleb Hackett and moves us to Laura with Travis and Ryan.

Here you need to follow the sequence: Inquisitive, QTE, Grab Gun, Take Cover, QTE, Determined, Give To Ryan, Probing, Reflective, Don't Raise Gun, Fail the QTE, Shoot Monster Silas. This is the end of the game. It's important to note that this is the only QTE you need to intentionally fail. The reason is that this results in the death of Travis and if you pass the QTE it can result in the death of Laura, which would void the good ending. There is an epilogue after this, but there are no choices to make during it.

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