The Quarry Bad Ending Guide: How To Kill All Characters

Here's how to make sure everyone bites the dust in The Quarry.


The Quarry is the latest interactive horror game from Supermassive Games. This time a group of camp counselors get to party after the campers have gone home, but something sinister is lurking. As you make choices in The Quarry, it affects the story of each character and if they live or not. If you are looking to experience a gore fest or are trying to get the achievement, here is how to make sure every single character dies in a single playthrough. The deaths are listed in chronological order, denoted by chapter with plenty of spoilers ahead.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 gives you the opportunity to kill two characters, Jacob and Emma. Up to this point, none of the choices you have made previously will prevent you from killing these characters in this way. First up is Jacob. Near the start of Chapter 4, you will play as Ryan. Ryan will hear some noises coming from a bush and you can aim a gun at the bush. You will need to shoot the bush twice with the choices being Shoot gun, Insistent, Shoot Gun. This will result in the death of Jacob, who is hiding in the bush.

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Later in Chapter 4 you will be playing as Emma and end up in a treehouse--there is no way to avoid the treehouse regardless of your choices. Inside the tree house the first choice will present you with the option to Open Trapdoor. Once you open it, a monster enters and kills Emma.

Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 you will play as Abigail inside the pool house. Regardless of what choices you make here, eventually Nick will shove Abigail against the wall and she will aim a shotgun at him. Don't shoot, don't hit the button and instead wait out the moment. Nick will turn into a monster and kill Abigail.

Chapter 7

Nobody is going to die in Chapter 7 during this playthrough, but you will need to do some prep work to get some characters killed later on. When you get the option to free-roam in the police station while playing as Laura, immediately go back to bed. Do not pick up the syringe in the upstairs locker. When she wakes up the next day, she will fake being in pain to lure Travis into the cell. Laura needs to shoot Travis once and then a QTE will happen where Laura can shoot Travis again, fail that QTE. This will leave Travis bleeding in the cell, but he will survive the bullet wound. A pop-up will say Travis will kill you.

Chapter 8

Laura and Ryan will enter a tunnel, lit by a red light, where you can hear the cop arguing with an old woman above you. In a cage is a monster and Laura will aim her gun at the monster. Ryan will be prompted to interrupt her, don't interrupt Laura. Laura will shoot the monster, which turns out to be Nick, who turned into a monster earlier in the game. Nick dies from being shot.

Chapter 9

Ryan meets his fate in Chapter 9.
Ryan meets his fate in Chapter 9.

While playing as Dylan in the scrapyard, you will begin to operate a crane. Here you need to select Warn Kaitlyn and Sound Horn. After that there will be a QTE for Dylan to protect himself from a monster trying to break through the windshield. Fail the QTE and the monster will break the glass and kill Dylan.

Later you will play as Laura and Ryan, when they find a monster in the attic. The floor breaks and they all fall, resulting in the monster attacking. Ryan will grab the shotgun and aim at the monster, shoot the monster. This is necessary to free Max, so we can kill him later on. After Ryan shoots the monster, Travis stabs Laura as a result of her shooting him in the cell, killing Laura. Ryan will have to fight Travis and you will need to pick the aggressive option and then fail the QTE. This results in Travis shooting Ryan in the face with a shotgun, killing Ryan.

Chapter 10

Kaitlyn makes it the end, but that doesn't mean she survives the night.
Kaitlyn makes it the end, but that doesn't mean she survives the night.

Since you lifted Max's curse, you start Chapter 10 as Max. Max will walk to the end of the island and you will want to pick the option to Swim to Shore. Shortly after picking this option, a monster pops up and attacks Max, killing him.

Lastly is Kaitlyn, who will be attacked by a monster in the lodge. The first choice you get will have the option to Wait. After waiting you will have the option to shoot the monster, don't shoot the monster. This results in the monster killing Kaitlyn, who is the final character at this point. The game will end and you will get the achievement/trophy "Hackett's Quarry Massacre."

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