The Purge 6 Writer-Director Has Finished The Dystopian Sequel's Script

The upcoming installment ventures into an even more fractured nation, amplifying the tension and suspense.


The Purge franchise, known for its portrayal of a dystopian America where all crimes are legal for one night a year, will continue its spree. In an interview with Variety, writer and director James DeMonaco shared that he recently completed the script for Purge 6.

Over the years, The Purge franchise has garnered a significant following through its low-budget box office hits and a two-season TV series, accumulating $450 million. Despite a challenging start, with the script for the first film being rejected numerous times for being deemed "too anti-American" and critical of the country's gun culture, DeMonaco's persistence paid off. His concept caught the attention of producer Jason Blum, leading to Universal's support and actor Ethan Hawke signing on. The franchise's first installment, released on June 7, 2013, defied expectations, earning $34 million during its opening weekend, despite its modest $2 million budget.

DeMonaco's involvement with the franchise extends beyond the initial success, as he went on to write all five films (plus the upcoming next one), create the accompanying TV show, and direct the first three movies. The writer-director's intention was to hold up a mirror to society, inviting reflection on its relationship with violence, guns, and the prevailing political climate.

While DeMonaco's upcoming project, The Home, explores a different horror narrative featuring Pete Davidson, Purge 6's completed script promises to further expand the franchise's universe, introducing a new America that has collapsed and divided itself along different ideological lines. Frank Grillo's character, Leo, will make a return, ensuring continuity for fans eager to delve deeper into this dystopian, broken world.

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