The Punisher: No Mercy Exclusive Q&A - First Details

Frank Castle returns to action on the PlayStation Network. It's not vengeance... it's punishment.


The Punisher: No Mercy returns to Frank Castle's roots as a badass, take-no-prisoners SOB bent on one thing: punishment. This fall, you, too, will be able to take the law into your own hands as the famed Marvel vigilante in the arena-based first-person shooter developed by Zen Studios. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation Network, The Punisher: No Mercy will let you take control of several heroes and villains from the Punisher universe and duke it out in eight-player multiplayer combat. We sat down with Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director of Zen Studios, to get the first details on No Mercy. Here's what he had to say.

They laugh at the law. But they don't laugh at me.
They laugh at the law. But they don't laugh at me.

GameSpot: The Punisher isn't just any old license, but one of Marvel's most beloved (and badass) characters. What are you hoping to contribute to the Punisher universe?

Zsolt Kigyossy: The Punisher is probably one of the most complex characters of Marvel. He went through so much, and he can be spiritual and understanding. However in our game we aim to focus on the violence and grit of Marvel’s current MAX comic book series, with some influence from War Journal and even a little bit of the ‘80s and ‘90s comics we all grew up with. We’re definitely expecting an M rating from the ESRB for a true Punisher experience.

GS: Tell us from the top: What is The Punisher: No Mercy?

ZK: The Punisher: No Mercy is a first-person shooter based on Marvel's Punisher universe, offering exciting arcade-style shooting action with fast-paced online multiplayer and powered by the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3--so brace yourself for endless action. The game will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 3, downloadable from the PlayStation Network, which is exceptional in this category.

GS: Which villains and allies will be playable, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

ZK: There are eight playable characters in the game, and each of them arrives with a favorite weapon set and special abilities. Some characters include the Punisher, Silver Sable, Barracuda, Jigsaw, and Bushwacker. Before each map, the player can choose one or two special abilities for his or her character, called "mods." These mods have both advantages and disadvantages, so one must carefully consider which one to use. This system allows the player to customize the game experience and adapt it to his or her own play style.

GS: Break down the different mission types and game modes in The Punisher: No Mercy.

ZK: There are several game modes in both single- and multiplayer. The story mode in single-player is essentially a ladder of four matches on different maps and with different game types. The matches progressively get harder until a climactic confrontation with Jigsaw at the end. The heart of the game, however, is the multiplayer experience. The Punisher: No Mercy has several multiplayer game modes such as classic deathmatch, one-vs-many, and co-op. Up to eight players can play in an arena.

GS: The Punisher isn't the Punisher without a kickass arsenal of weapons. How many weapons can each player carry, and what are some examples of devastating firearms in No Mercy?

ZK: The game aims to avoid being unrealistic, so none can carry dozens of weapons--three per match are at hand, one from each category (close quarters, long range, and special weapon). The silent killers will find their favorite (knife, or other silent weapons), but there are louder solutions available, such as shotgun, carbine, or something even bigger. As you collect more and more frags or weapon power-ups, your gun becomes more and more lethal.

GS: A new Punisher movie is in the works for release this fall. Is there any tie-in between No Mercy and the movie?

ZK: With the new movie out, the Punisher character will surely receive major attention, and honestly, this is one of the reasons to release the game in line with the movie. However, the game has little to share with the movie itself--it is deeply rooted in the Marvel comic book series. The Punisher: No Mercy is true to the origins of the main character, has its own unique presentation style and independent storyline.

GS: How many arenas are included, and which iconic locations did you choose and why?

ZK: The fights take place in arenalike levels. The game launches with four arenas, the story and the game locations are interlocking, and if I want to keep the story for the players, I can only say that the Punisher not only enjoys the shiny parts of the Big Apple, but descends after the gangsters to where they are lurking, like docks, factories, and the like.

GS: Will any vehicles be included?

ZK: Vehicles generally are less important in the Punisher universe, so we decided to focus on polishing the character-based action.

GS: You've managed to procure artwork from Marvel artist Mike Deodato, who has worked on everything from The Avengers to Punisher: War Journal. How has he helped add authenticity to the look of No Mercy?

ZK: Mike did a fantastic job on helping us embrace the most honest presentation of these great Marvel characters. The storytelling comic book panels within the game have been drawn by Mike.

If you want peace, prepare for war.
If you want peace, prepare for war.

GS: Are you planning to tell the story in single-player mode through comic book-inspired still screens, or voice-acted cutscenes?

ZK: The story is presented on comic book pages, but not only the good old stills, but ones with special effects and voice-acted storytelling.

GS: Finally, what do you think Punisher fans will enjoy most when the play No Mercy for themselves?

ZK: I believe players will enjoy most the appearance of the beloved or hated characters of the Punisher universe in the cutting-edge presentation and cool voices, the pregame balancing of strategies with the selection of weapons and special features, and the big-time fight itself with merciless kills, fun, and tactics. The Punisher: No Mercy is unlike anything else found on the PSN with its unique, quick pacing, arena-style levels, and instant action ensuring a fun experience even in short play sessions.

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I agree with zunit88 that it looks like team fortress 2, but I loved that game and nothing is better than a more up to date version. I hate the graphics on team fortress two.... and the fact that its like over 9000 years old

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I hope it's good

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Looks like they're tryin' too hARD. Watch this game flop like the movie most likely will.

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Pics look crapy, and cheap.

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i think it'll b alot like Team fortress 2 .... and since i have it i wont buy No mercy

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I think that this game would benefit from a third person perspective. Not sure that ill bother buying this game. Too many games coming out. I wont have he mony by the time i baught em all

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I agree with you their colestanley, I dont think i like the look of it but it is too early to say right now... But ill go out on a hunch and say this game will flop!.

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i don't know if the game will be so good, i don't think that the first-person concept is going to work good with it

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Looks unlike anything else we've seen on PSN which seems to be getting into gear now-thank god I've got my HDD upgrade in the mail as I'm gonna need all that extra space by the looks of things! MM9, Wipeout and now this. Things are looking up!

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This looks awesome. A must have for any Punisher fan.

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So the wait is over....We r here once again to punish the guilty! Beware everyone here comes The PUNISHER!

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whoa whoa whoa the first punisher game was really good but the first person is a whole new concept if i was them i would had stuck to the original 3 person but if this works out i will take back what i said you can count on me getting a copy of this game

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awesome, the last punisher game kicked ass. if this is anything to go by, next gen punisher will be sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Can't wait to check it out!!

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So, someone commented on how the Punisher shouldn't be a hero, he should be evil because he kills out of revenge. It's not revege, first of all, it's punishment. Secondly, after he takes care of what he needs to personally, he goes off and protects others and punishes other bad-dudes. He's a hero.

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Pnisher is pretty bad ass, but it makes me sort of sick to the stomach the way they make him ou to be a sort of hero. Its personal revenge, not heroism. Make him evil and I'll be all for it though. xD Does look great, but I wish it would come to XBLA v.v

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Looks good for a PSN game. BTW if anyone is interested there is a newly formed Punisher union. Visit << LINK REMOVED >> if you'd care to join.

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Its funny how this business works had that game been a xbl exclusive the developer would have been interrogated by these journalist while being given the evil eye why this game isn't coming to psn.Pay attention and watch how they work on all gamesites.

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This looks quite crap... I mean in a world where Resistance 2 is having 60 player battles online these guys are having 8 people max. What is the point? This game doesn't set itself apart from any other game... It has the game modes that would be expected and the same kind of weapons most games have... Punisher isn't even that great anyway. I won't get this.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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count me I will never watch the upcoming punisher movie ever . why the hell putting a movie based game exclusive for one console ? because these games are so damn bad , and the only reason for making them is an advertising for the movie. I wish no xbox owner or wii owner or pc owner ever go to this movie . it's not a hate speech it's just a reality .

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lOOkiN gUD

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kind of reminds me of unreal tournament 3. the graphics are looking great, especially for a PSN game. hopefully this turns out good and people actually play it online.

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playstation network exclusive! confirms also on marvel website. cant wait for spiderman web of shadows either =]

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Sounds awesome, but is it just on the PlayStation Network, or can you buy it?

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The Punisher movie sequel looks like crap...thinking the game will be crap as well.

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Wake me when someone makes the Punisher 2.

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i put it in my menu buy games

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Meh, I wished they could make a game like the last one. Punisher is all about revenge and justice and those motives are too personal to be shoved into a multiplayer game. Besides: where is the torture? :(

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Where's the torture? Torturing people was the most fun thing to do in the old punisher. Yes I'm a bit into S&M.

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well i hope its cheap, i'd buy it, looks half decent. and if its cheap enough-like between 20-40 than i might download it. PSN only means good online community

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I agree with BigDaddy973 I was hoping it would be more like the last one.

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Looks nice, but we will see when the game comes out.

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This is probably going to flop, but I hope it doesn't.

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I gotta agree with bigdaddy, the punisher for the ps2 was surprisingly fun for such a simplistic concept. We have enough first person shooters, go tf2

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This sucks!!!!!! I want a Punisher game Like they did back on the original Xbox and PS2, that game was actually one of the best for the platforms. Going around with interrogation methods and using the environment to kill people like the window sill and the grill! Or the perana tank! It was awesome, oh and the shark tank! One of the best! This new game is UT3 but crappier. Bring it back to the roots!!! And where in the world is Thomas Jane!!!!!

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4 WHOLE arenas? EIGHT playable characters? HOW DO THEY FIND THE TIME AND MONEY?!?! What a waste. Its another game in the long line of "Throw people in an arena and hope they dont get bored of pulling the trigger" games. 4 levels, wow, thats just overwhelming. Seriously, 4 levels?

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what i like its a fps obviously better control than the previous game, what i hate, ps3 only? lol its the only console that the game matches the least! and it looks bad!

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I think this one could be a suprise victory for the ps3 it looks like its just going to be a fun duke em up very imaginative with lots of blood and as you noticed on that mp5 in the second screenshot there isnt as much detail in online so that should mean NO LAG! This shouldnt turn out like Hmmm whats the name of that ga TOO HUMAN!

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Thats right sideoftheham, time for ps3 users to have some exclusives, you guys been hogging everything, our turn now. :)

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Would be easier to read if the questions and answers a different colour / font.

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Shouldn't they have called this game Punisher Arena, or Punisher Tournament? But yeah game looks good, will wait to find out more before a final judgement.

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Looks awesome. The graphics look great and it's definately a great idea. i'm picking this up for sure.

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This game look pretty good from what im looking at. I just hope that the gameplay look good as the images do!!!

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Man oh man this doesnt sound as bad as I thought but still, if somebody gave me the amount of game developers these guys have I swear I would ship out the greatest comic-inspired game ever. Not that thats saying much. Especially since this game is based on my favorite Punisher comics, the MAX edition. Im not saying Im hot sh$% but how do these guys turn a game about probably the most solitary hero ever into a team based arena game?

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:( ps3 only? nooooooooo