The Postman Acquired for First-Person Adaptation

Game rights to the movie The Postman were bought by EZ Interactive.


April 1 - Despite a remarkably disappointing run at the box office, the game rights to the movie The Postman were bought by EZ Interactive, whose plans call for game adaptations for the PC and PlayStation to be on store shelves in time for the 1998 Christmas season.

Few may remember The Postman's post-apocalyptic vision of an America in need of a reliable postal service, but EZ CEO Geoff Hardbridge hopes to change that with a first-person action adventure game he promises will not resemble others already on the market. "I think Kevin Costner has the potential to inspire an action hero the likes of which that guy behind the gun in Quake could only dream. I mean, did you see Dances with Wolves? Tremendous work. But wait until you see the maps and level design sketches we've come up with so far. This one's going to blow them all out of the water."

When asked if GameSpot News could see the sketches, Hardbridge produced a cocktail napkin with a smudged message that seemed to read "Room 615, See you tonight, Ginger." "Everything's just so preliminary now, but I think my relationship with this woman could work. We've been really good for each other," he said.

Hardbridge went on to explain that he and his crew at EZ felt that "...the Postman property was just sitting there waiting for a game developer to strike. The $17 million price tag was a bargain in our eyes. I think there's revenue potential there that just didn't translate when it was on the big screen. An alpha version of the game is in the works, which Hardbridge hopes to preview at E3. EZ Interactive has done fairly well with its previous license adaptations, having produced successful puzzle and adventure games for Air Bud and Dead Man Walking.

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