The Possibly R-Rated Borderlands Movie Has Found a Writer

Plus, new report also mentions that the film will be an "edgy" take on the Borderlands story.


Hunger Games studio Lionsgate has found a writer for its upcoming movie based on the Borderlands video game franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Berg, who is working on the 2016 movie Section 6 about British spy agency MI6 and GI Joe 3, has been hired to write the script.

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The Borderlands movie was announced in August 2015, at which time it was described by Lionsgate executives as having an "in-your-face attitude" that matches up with the games. According to Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Borderlands developer Gearbox, the film will "probably" be rated R.

The Hollywood Reporter's sources also claim the movie will carry a Restricted rating, going on to describe it as an "edgy" take on the game.

Borderlands the movie will be produced by Avi Arad and his son, Ari Arad. They are perhaps best known for helping to bring the Iron Man, Spider-Man, and X-Men franchises to the big-screen.

As for why Gearbox wants to make a Borderlands movie at all, Pitchford said earlier this year that even though Borderlands is popular and sells well, he worries that the franchise is not reaching its potential. Making a Borderlands movie is one way to extend the franchise's appeal beyond the gaming crowd alone, he said, adding that he has faith in the Arads to do right by fans with the production.

No release date or casting details for the Borderlands movie have been announced. We also don't yet have any details on who will direct the film.

The next major video game movie coming out is Legendary's Warcraft, which was directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code). The film opens in theaters on June 10 and we learned more about it at PAX East this past weekend.

As for the Borderlands game franchise, Gearbox is currently working on Borderlands 3, though Pitchford said this weekend at PAX that it might not be called that. It sounds like it's still early days for this game, but we may learn more about it relatively soon, as Battleborn's DLC will include some Easter eggs about it.

In addition to Borderlands, more than a dozen other gaming franchises are currently being adapted for feature films. Check out this gallery to see them all.

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