The Pokemon Company giving away uniquely coloured Vivillon Pokemon

Newly coloured Pokemon to be released to celebrate 100 million trades.


Pokemon X / Y
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Fans will soon be able to pick up a newly coloured Vivillon Pokemon in celebration of 100 million global trades.

As reported by siliconera, players all around the globe have traded 90 million Pokemon so far on the Global Trade Station. When 100 million trades have been reached, The Pokemon Company will distribute a new "Fancy Pattern" Vivillon.

Vivillon is a bug/flying type Pokemon which appears in 2013's Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The patterns on its wings are set according to the real-world geographic location of the player. Because of this, Vivillon is frequently traded by players who wish to collect all the patterns.

The Pokemon Company looks after the marketing and licensing of the Pokemon franchise, and is affiliated with Nintendo. The company announced last month that the Pokemon X and Y games combined are the best-selling 3DS titles to date, shifting almost 12 million copies worldwide since launch.

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