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The PlayStation Store Appears To Have Introduced Payment Plans For Some Users

A Brazilian PlayStation user has produced screenshots showing players can now pay via an installment plan.


According to a recent tweet, PlayStation users in Brazil can now pay for digital purchases from the PlayStation Store via an installment plan.

The tweet features a series of screenshots that appear to show a user purchasing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Jedi: Survivor on the PlayStation Store's mobile app and being presented with the option to pay for the digital purchase all at once, or over the course of a up to four months.

Sony has yet to comment on the payment-plan option, and it's unclear if the feature--assuming it is, indeed, real--is available in other countries, or if it will become available outside of Brazil at all. But assuming the option to pay via a two-, three-, or four-month installment plan is real, it certainly gives PlayStation users with tighter budgets something to look forward to, and could provide a wallet-friendly way for players to get their hands on long-awaited games as soon as they launch.

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