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The Phantom Pain revealed

New project from Moby Dick Studio revealed during Video Game Awards show; could be connected in some way to Metal Gear Solid.


Tonight during the 2012 Video Game Awards show, a new intellectual property from Moby Dick Studio was revealed. The project is titled "The Phantom Pain," and no information regarding platforms of release window was provided.

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A trailer for The Phantom Pain was shown and it focused primarily on a man in a hospital with no memory of who he was. The trailer will be embedded here once it becomes available.

Moby Dick Studio appears to be a brand new outfit based in Sweden. Notably, its website shows the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 logos. The company says its aim is to "deliver an uncompromising, exciting, and touching game experience to people all around the globe."

It has since been suggested that The Phantom Pain could be connected in some way to the Metal Gear Solid series. Not only does the main character of the trailer resemble Snake from Metal Gear Solid, but also mysterious (and heretofore unknown) Moby Dick Studio CEO Joakim Mogren's first name is in fact an anagram of Kojima.

Further, NeoGAF has compiled a list of supposed evidence that suggests The Phantom Pain is in fact a teaser for Metal Gear Solid 5.

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