The OzSpot 28/08/12: Meaningful Kills in Dishonored, Battlefield 4

On this week's show we look at recent comments by Arkane Studios regarding the meaning and weight of death in Dishonored; plus: David Cage, next-gen, and Battlefield 4 announcement.


Do you think death has more weight in games that give players the choice to kill enemies in a variety of ways? Or does a game need to do something more than that to make players feel like their actions have consequences?

Today on the show we'll be exploring that very topic following some recent comments made by Arkane Studios in regards to its upcoming title, Dishonored.

Plus: Why is DICE getting heat for its Battlefield 4 announcement? Was its timing a bit off, or are players just scared the studio will give up its efforts to support Battlefield 3?

Also: David Cage calls for more meaningful shooters, and the "quantum leap" of next-gen consoles! Tune in at 1 p.m. AEST to join in our live stream!

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