The Outfit to get new maps

THQ confirms more downloadable content for World War II strategic action shooter set to arrive this month.


The Outfit

While THQ, like the rest of the gaming world, has its sights set squarely on the Electronic Entertainment Expo for the moment, the company mentioned some of its postshow plans in a quarterly earnings report conference call today. Specifically, THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell talked about the recently released WWII shooter The Outfit, and how the company is going to use the game to test a relatively new aspect of its business model.

"We view downloadable content and microtransactions as a key component of our next-gen development efforts," Farrell said. "We'll start with downloadable maps for The Outfit later this month and plan to offer downloadable content for Saints Row as well."

A THQ representative told GameSpot the maps would likely come in a pack of three, and cost gamers 500 Marketplace points or less. And even though The Outfit was one of THQ's top-selling titles in the first quarter, Farrell cautioned that the limited installed user base of both the Xbox 360 and the game itself would limit its impact on the bottom line.

"We don't have great expectations for that title from a financial perspective," Farrell said. "The point we're trying to make here is we're trying to establish a leadership position in some of these new paradigms, and we think we can figure it out as fast if not faster than our competitors and start exploiting those opportunities. So there's a near-term, very small financial opportunity. But we think we're going to learn a lot about consumer behavior patterns, consumer preferences, and what works and what doesn't, and that's going to be an advantage as we move further into the generation."

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Nice, doesn't matter how much they are I got points and plus I love that game, definetly getting em, can't wait!!!!!!

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Sound good Microsoft keep the marketplace filled with good stuff. That the best thing about the 360. That why the 360 will kick the PS3 ass because of it.

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u dum ass, the pack is 500 points or less, cant u read

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Awesome, can't wait. I just hope that the maps are available for co-op missions. Also if they are available for co-op can you use them for solo play? Well I guess we will have to wait and see, but right now, I'm excited, but I must admit I am looking forward to the Call Of Duty 2 maps more than anything else as far as downloadable content goes.

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geez, that's a rip

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I just don't see why we should have to pay for them. And in an online game you pretty much HAVE to pay for them otherwise You won't be able to play in all of the online games. I didn't mind when they said You could buy things like alternate costumes for Your charecters, but once You make People pay for stages and content that would otherwise make the game complete, then You've crossed the line in My book.

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send em to graw

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It's only $1.66 per map and they already have a free one for downloading. This is what I like to see MS. Keep it up.

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thats awesome but why does every downloadable content (except demo's) have to be for a fee? I believe the original xbox didnt charge for any maps or content

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if only i had a 360.

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And buying maps is alot better then buying stupid horse armor for oblivion.

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Not bashing price because the only thing I had a problem with was the horse armor on Oblivion. But they should make it 100 points per map or a deal for X number of maps in a pack for a savings of buying them separately You bashers have to remember that they are trying to make a profit and if they can offer extra content that is in line with the pricing, I am all for it. No profit=no reason to make games in the first place.

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Did you guys even read this article, especially maladude, and asoundofrevenge, its not 5 dollars for 1 map, it is 500 marketplace points for a set of 3 maps, which equals 6 dollars and 25 cents. Come on guys read the article thoroughly before bashing it. It also said 500 points or less.

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Good game- Love downloadable content- keep it coming

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sooo hard to find games already, now its just gonna be even harder because some people wont have the maps

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The problem with consoles is you have pay for new maps, on pc you can get maps for free.

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"A THQ representative told GameSpot the maps would likely come in a pack of three, and cost gamers 500 Marketplace points or less." Where are you guys getting $5 a map? Unless I am mistaking, that meant three maps for $6.25 or less.

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That good to hear.

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I guess if a game doesn't sell good new content will cost more?

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extra content, always a bonus.

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you gotta be a fool to pay 5 dollars per map.....and i thought they were pushing it wen they said how much the call of duty 2 maps would be...smh..

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that is too much, but some people are happy, so , oh well.

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I still need to buy this game I never see it at the game stores around here it sucks but I like the demo hopefully I find it

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Can't wait for all the whiners who couldn't accept 150 points for Oblivion downloads to jump all over this. One doesn't have to buy it if he/she doesn't like it. But, some people just like to argue.

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What a rip off...

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$5 a map is ridiculous, the halo 2 multiplayer map pack was like $20 for 9 maps in stores and was free within like 3 or 4 months i think of the release online

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The online maps are great already. Can't wait to play this game

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Awesome. Keep em coming MS...

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well i never played that game so i cant say yay or nay