The Outfit E3 2005 Preshow Impressions

Microsoft gives a glimpse of this squad-based action game from Relic and THQ.


The Outfit

The same day that THQ announced The Outfit, we saw a brief glimpse of the game during Microsoft's E3 press conference trumpeting the Xbox 360. The Outfit is an Xbox 360 game that looks quite a bit like a sleeker-looking version of LucasArts' Mercenaries, and this squad-based action game does happen to share a lot with Mercenaries. The main difference is that, unlike the modern-day Mercenaries, The Outfit is set during World War II, but don't think of it as yet another World War II-based first-person shooter.

The Outfit will let you play as Allied soldiers conducting dangerous missions behind German lines. There are three playable squad leader personalities you can choose from, each with unique skills and abilities. But as squad leader, you also get to command two squads of soldiers on a range of missions on huge battlefield maps, including strategic reconnaissance, search and destroy, and rescue. You can switch control of squads and direct them so they act independently or in tandem. And the action isn't just on foot, either. When you're not running around in third person, you can jump into tanks and other vehicles, or machine gun nests and the like.

The clip that Microsoft showed during its montage of Xbox 360 game footage featured some of the intense action in the game. You see a light reconnaissance vehicle bust through a barricade with its guns blazing while under fire. Then a soldier armed with a bazooka kills a tank. There are several scenes of armored vehicles under fire and infantry attacking a checkpoint. The scene ends with a soldier watching while fighter bombers take out a bridge. The graphics look pretty sharp and on par with a Battlefield-style game for the PC.

Just as intriguing is the fact that the game is being developed by Relic, which suddenly has a slew of impressive games on its development plate, including the jaw-dropping World War II real-time strategy game Company of Heroes. Relic is on a hot streak it seems, and The Outfit could be a good game to take advantage of the Xbox 360's multiplayer capabilities. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't show too much of the game, so we'll look into it further and update you on developments as they occur.

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