The Outer Worlds Release Trailer Is All About Finding The Real You

Who do you think you are?


The Outer Worlds is due out later this week, releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 25 (or October 24, depending on where you live). It marks Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian's return to a big open-world RPG. One signature element of the studio's work from the Fallout series is being able to define your own playstyle and personality, and that's on full display in the launch trailer above.

The trailer poses the question: who do you think you are? Hero, villain, colonist, brawler, and assassin are just a few of the options that get attention, though the spinning wheel scrolls past other roles like priest, psychopath, liar, swindler, and cook too, among many others. Plus there's plenty of gun-play and explosions showcased, just in case you were concerned.

Obsidian recently announced the game will be enhanced on both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, in response to reports that it would only offer a better-than-base-hardware version on Xbox. The disc versions will have a huge day-one patch, while the downloadable versions will integrate the patch into the pre-download. If you're a member of Xbox Game Pass, you'll get the game included with your subscription on launch day.

As for the studio itself, it's been bought by Microsoft and seems happier for it. Though this game is being published under Private Division as its last independent project before being acquired, senior designer Brian Heins says the new ownership means it can focus its energy on making games instead of developing pitches.

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